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Saudi Arabia’s approval of a new bankruptcy law has been welcomed as an important part of the kingdom’s reform agenda aimed at increasing the role of the private sector in its national economy.

Together, they would wash their faces, brush their teeth, then her father, the political activist Mir Murtaza Bhutto, would gently smooth his tiny daughter’s face with shaving cream. What Fatima loves the most about that memory, she says now, was that her father never scolded her, never told her that this was something she should not do because she was a girl.

'Lathering up and shaving,’ she says, 'was just our little routine.’ When Fatima was 14, she cowered in the dressing-room of her parents’ bedroom in Karachi, her back against the locked door.

The law, which was passed last week, has seven main goals that are geared towards increasing foreign and private sector investments in the kingdom, according to the Saudi Ministry of Commerce and Investment's website.

When Fatima Bhutto was a little girl, she would sit with her father as he shaved in the morning and pretend to be him.

They were never convicted.’ Zardari was arrested after Benazir’s government fell in November 1996, accused of corruption and Murtaza’s murder (of which he was cleared), and remained in jail until November 2004.

'Again, jail is a loose term for how he was kept,’ Fatima says.

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Also unlike Benazir, who liked to play up to the cameras, Fatima does not wear a veil, except, ironically, at funerals. My grandmother always wore saris to state visits, and they were short-sleeved and elegant.’ Fourteen years have gone by since her father’s death.

Fatima’s cousin Sassi, the daughter of the murdered Shah Nawaz, also stays here when she comes from her home in America.

Fatima is tiny and beautiful, but largely unaware of her beauty.

Medical records indicate that her father was shot five times, and that the shot that killed him was fired at point-blank range.

It haunts her that while he lay bleeding not far from the house, she was trapped inside by the police.


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