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Objects, body parts, clothing and people are all things that can be fetishized.

I don’t ever feel racialized or stereotyped around Adam or his friends (I’ve read quite a few articles with other girls claiming this) – but that could just be because Toronto is such a multicultural place, and our generation is much more accepting than the generation before us.

Most commonly the term refers to a sexual obsession with Asian women experienced by some non-Asian men.

A fetish is something that is desired so heavily that it becomes an abnormal obsession.

We once overheard a comment from a stranger saying “where do I get myself a hot Asian girl?

” but he was obviously from a very different generation.


  1. Jan 6, 2017. When I received messages from other people of colour, they didn't even mention anything about the fact that I was Asian. As my boyfriend who is a white male himself puts it, “Every white guy wants to have sex with an Asian girl, but not all of them want to date one.” We all know the popular slang term.

  2. Mar 7, 2017. Dating a Kazakh girl can be an intimidating experiece, but man--it's SO worth it. Learn some insider tips. For girls around Asia, getting a good guy is a life goal. They strive for this, and. Hot meals, good and sweaty sex, and an overall pleasant demeanor will take a girl quite far. Foreign girls in general.

  3. Sep 28, 2015. This is very true in Japan as well, where a survey in 2013 showed that many Japanese aren't really dating. Yuta then gets right to the meat of the issue, “Do you want to date a foreign girl. The first guy, with a twinkle in his eyes said, “Sex can be more frequent” and honestly, it's hard to argue with that.

  4. In 2007, economist Ray Fisman, in a two-year study he co-authored on dating preferences among Columbia University students, did not find evidence of a general preference among white men for Asian women. Furthermore, the study found that there is a significantly higher pairing of white men with East Asian women.

  5. Apr 5, 2014. “Once you date an Asian girl, you will never go back.”. Pre Date. Arranging the date is completely different and far easier with Asian women. The Asian women listens and happily accommodates with any. You end up going back to her place and she may or may not invite you in for some easy sex. If not it.

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