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Many Americans I met in Europe went there on Tourist or Student Visas and then stayed on working informally, mostly at language schools teaching English.

Is not speaking fluent Italian a handicap, or do many speak English? Pupa Post a Reply Hi Canicassio, My husband and I are Canadians, planning to moveto Le Marche. The easiest way to get your foot in the door is through a student visa - but these are impossible to change to another type of visa once you are there.

Post a Reply Hi Ocelle, My husband and I also are crazy, early retired and moved to Italy about 3 years ago. Caio Ca-nicassio Post a Reply well i am back in north america and you have not missed anything at all i really would love to come back to italy ;espcially those mountains you describe where i was born /i love when it snows in itlaiait drives me nuts not being there everything in north america is about makin money borin......................................ganyways hope to be back soon im 15 years away from retirment and i dont have a nickel waiting to win looterycarmine Post a Reply Carmine, thanks for replying to the topics here, and for being a freindly well-wisher for everyone. TMC, in another post, would be interested in Carmine's reply, because it would help her decide. Everything is about money and people are just depressed and unhappy. Ti saluto..Antonia Post a Reply grazie antomia i know i am just miserable since ihave been back now 2 years to the good news i am going back when i dont know/but i will happen my e mail is [email protected] despair ciao carmineps i love the coffee in the morning and the old woman with the wash Post a Reply Are you planning to stay there now that you sound acclimated? Alice & Mike Post a Reply I am in the process of getting ready to move to Italy.

We live in the mountains above Cantiano(near Cagli and Gubbio) about two hours from Verona. Post a Reply oh hi nitelite thanks i really miss the land of my birth italia and i plan on being back however if you are middle aged you need dough and alot of it to survive in italy .italians respect money and if you have italian heritage you need to come back with lots of it so i plan on winning the lottery ok .i chose the live of an artist and i love it but i have no finicial security at all or rich parents but in saying that i miss the magic of italy and also its timelessness /when i am there time goes slow .i am used to north america but i must say it is going to the dogs people rush around trying to make lots of money and are lonely for human contact in europe my firends are like brothers and sisters anyways off to the lottery store thanks for your compliment carmine Post a Reply well thank you nitelite my email is [email protected] on going back to italia at some point like i say with the exchange rate and no work it is tough ,i enjoyed going to europe when the lira was happening ,but i do plan on getting some land and growing tomatoes and makin wine like my ancestors unfortunately my father was not thining straight and he sold his land for a songitalia si bnot going anywhere but lately i really miss the magic .carmine Post a Reply Ciao Carmine, I am new to this site and I was just reading your comments. I love it there and even though I am not Italian I feel I am in my heart. We are early retirees who wish to live in your area of Italy and plan to house-swap there before making any decisions. Fortunately, my grandparents emigrated so I am able to access dual citizenship - though you have wade through considerable bureaucracy and it takes a fair amount of time.

We looked around Urbino and Genga then we found Cantiano. We are trying very hard to learn Italian but again we have been very lucky.

We had stayed in Cagli previously and lnew we liked the area. Even when we first arrived and our language skills were rudimentary at best there were no problems accomplishing things that needed to be done.


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