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Google fonts not validating

– Adrian3Error: Bad value //fonts.googleapis.com/css? family=Lato:700|Lato:400|Lato:300|Lato:100,400|Lato&subset=latin,latin-ext for attribute href on element link: Illegal character in query: | is not allowed. Version 3.1.4 – Fix XSS vuln Version 3.1.3 – Fix SSL cert notices on settings page for Google API requests.Version 3.11 – Fixed a bug that affected anyone upgrading from versions 3.0 or 3.0.1 to 3.1 where your old font settings were not saved.This allows the plugin to always be current and eliminates the need for you to install an update every time Google adds new fonts.– Increased speed (through caching and fewer calls to Google’s servers) – Added the ability to select different character sets for fonts that support this feature – More robust handling of font weights, just check the box next to the weights you want to use. As always, email me if you run into any issues with any specific fonts or font weights.They host the web fonts on their servers, and take care of the @font-face declaration behind the scenes.the browser will “fake” the bold — stretching the vertical strokes so they are thicker.They are accessed two ways: self serve or using a provider.

The rest of your settings for that font (where it’s used, custom css, etc) will still be there in many cases.Or if you would rather, you can target the Google fonts from your own theme’s stylesheet.Right now, the Google Directory has hundreds of great fonts, and the selection is steadily growing.Version 2.3 – Confirmed compatibility with 3.2.1 – Significantly reduced size of plugin file.– Simplified update process so future versions of this plugin can be released quicker as Google Fonts releases more and more fonts – Added support for more fonts including: Artifika, Lora, Kameron, Cedarville Cursive, Zeyada, La Belle Aurore, Shadows Into Light, Lobster Two, Nixie One, Goblin One, Varela, Redressed, Asset, Gravitas One, Hammersmith One, Stardos Stencil, Loved by the King, Love Ya Like A Sister, Bowlby One SC, Forum, Varela Round, Patrick Hand, Yeseva One, Give You Glory, Bowlby One, Modern Antiqua, and Istok Web.As new fonts are added, we will release updates to the plugin quickly so you can start using new fonts as they become available.It truly is an exciting time to be creating websites, and I hope this plugin helps you create some great stuff.Google’s free font directory is one of the most exciting developments in web typography in a very long time.The amazing rise of this new font resource has made this plugin the most popular font plugin on Word Press and it shows no signs of stopping.Version 3.1 – Rewritten back end, this time using AJAX and smarter logic so that loading the settings page is much faster – Fixed bug that could potentially cause browsers to stall – updated fallback list of Google Fonts (622 families) – Corrected some notifications that people would see if WP_DEBUG was set to true Version 3.01 – Language support added for Arabic by Yaser Maadan ( and Slovak by Branco Radenovich ( – Minor bug fixes – Updated backup font list Version 3.0 – A huge thank you to Aaron Brown ( for this major plugin upgrade.– Plugin completely reworked to dynamically sync with the ever-growing Google font library.


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