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Pew research center online dating

The survey included men and women, of many races and educational backgrounds, from all 50 states.

The study’s author, Aaron Smith, said that answers across genders stayed surprisingly stable.

Men “are somewhat more likely than women to experience certain less severe forms of harassment like name-calling and being embarrassed,” Pew found, but they’re also more likely to receive physical threats—I’d call that “severe.” Meanwhile, “women are significantly more likely than men to report being stalked or sexually harassed on the internet.” And women age 18 to 24 are at a heightened risk of receiving harassment of every kind: They are “uniquely likely to experience stalking and sexual harassment, while also not escaping the high rates of other types of harassment common to young people in general,” like physical threats.

At a glance, Pew’s findings conform to the gender split in crime victimization in general: Men are more likely to be murdered or violently assaulted by strangers, while women are more likely to be abused by their partners, stalked, or sexually assaulted, and young women in particular are targeted for gendered forms of violence.

Only 38 percent of men said they felt the same way.

It’s like that old quote, often attributed to Margaret Atwood: Women are afraid men will kill them.

And of college-educated Americans, and also Americans who make more than ,000 per year, knew someone who used a dating site or app: These were the only two majorities recorded for this part of the section.

In 2013, three percent had used a smartphone dating app. The study polled 2,001 adults in the United States, mostly during June of last year.

The survey also found that acceptance—or, at least, awareness—of online dating was growing.

Eighty percent of Americans think a website like Ok Cupid or an app like Tinder are good ways to meet people.

Most interesting to me: These two numbers leap up significantly among affluent or college-educated Americans.

Forty-six percent of college graduates know people who met their spouse or partner online.


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