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Men who do this are illustrating their status, ambition, and leadership potential.

Women who expect and accept such requests are at the least "buying in" to the arrangement, if not actively choosing, appreciating, and being attracted to the display.

In contrast, after the first date, equal sharing of payment and escalation might be advisable for those with more egalitarian notions.

Telling the guy "he can get the next one" would easily send such a clear signal of reciprocity and equality.

Sure, it is possible to "cheat" the system—with the woman seizing control at a later date, or the man discontinuing leadership.

However, in general, accepting such a dating arrangement is leading down a particular socializing path that will influence later relationship dynamics.

2) From a social psychological standpoint — traditional male-led dating is also a process of socialization and gender role establishment.

In contrast, if a traditional relationship is a turn off, then it is unadvisable from an influence standpoint to follow the traditional dating script.

Particularly, if a woman wants to lead or be equal in a relationship, it doesn't set a good precedent to be passive and dependent when that relationship is established.

As a result, males of many species "earn" female reproductive access through resource allocation, gifts, and provisioning.

Because resources, status, and ambition are attractive to women (Buss, 2003), the process also piques female interest and helps them in mate selection.


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