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So well that the customer is already thinking of the 10th date—so well, that neither brand, nor customer, can think of being with anyone else.It means every digital tactic must be executed in the pursuit of getting to know the consumer, so that every message intrigues her, appreciates her, and continues to draw her into a personalized brand experience—because in the “future of retail,” it is all about the consumer.Over the past 12 months, sales surged as much as 2.6 percent one month while falling 2.1 percent another. Elsewhere in retail and food services, the month-to-month changes ranged from just -1.0 percent to 1.0 percent, averaging 0.3 percent.Because of the relative volatility in car sales and the fact that they account for nearly one-fifth of overall retail sales, it makes sense to analyze “retail and food services excluding motor vehicles and parts,” in addition to the headline retail and food services data.Friends may wonder why we changed boyfriend or girlfriend, and we may wonder whether it was worth excluding motor vehicles from total retail and food services sales.

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AIG Programs is a leading underwriter of program business in the U. Programs addressing myriad niche markets written on both admitted and non-admitted bases and are supported by program administrators with market leading infrastructure and underwriting expertise.The tracking and online visibility of inventory shelf lives and associated expiration dates will enable marketing and sales personnel to proactively move these products before their expiration.To automatically allocate inventory to sales orders and production processes on a first-expire-first-out basis (FEFO) becomes more important when you are dealing with volume.Excluding motor vehicles, retail spending is still up 22.9 percent.In other words, long-term trends may be pretty similar with and without motor vehicle sales.Consumers make the rules and now have total access to whatever they want, wherever and whenever they want it.The power has shifted away from retailers who long held it—and now the ball is in the consumer’s court.These data show retail sales without certain industry segments whose volatility might mask underlying sales trends.Let’s focus briefly on one ex in particular, retail trade excluding motor vehicles, and compare it to our faithful partner, the headline retail sales and food services series.We manage both large and small portfolios, national or regional in scope.Our breadth of products includes property, general liability, inland marine, automobile, umbrella/excess, and professional liability.


  1. As analysts dig into the upbeat retail sales data released June 13th, which saw sales climb a solid 0.6 percent in May, they often focus on the “exes” retail.

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