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Purely platonic dating break up after one month of dating

Simply put, humans have always had back-up relationships – friends to whom they’re attracted, ex’s that still linger, unrequited crushes that have been buried for years.

Lovino shuddered at the mere thought of the Frenchman explaining anything to his brother, let alone sex of all things. That’s generally done by two people who love each other…” “I see…” Feliciano studied his brother carefully, eyes alight with interest. ” Lovino nodded weakly, suddenly taking a large interest in the textbook that lay under him – the very textbook he’d been cursing less than an hour ago. ” Lovino stiffened considerably at this, choking on his saliva as the comment left his brother’s lips with all the innocence in the world. The blush on Lovino’s face had spread to his neck by now, and he found himself asking God why he was being put through this torture.It was in moments such as this when Lovino found himself wishing murder was legal. ” The younger of the pair was bouncing anxiously on the balls of his feet by now, completely oblivious to the death glare he was currently receiving from his brother.He almost looked like he was going to explode at any given time actually, much to Lovino’s mild amusement. ” Lovino’s voice was little more than a mutter as he spoke, and he turned his attention back to the notes before him with the full intent of ignoring his brother. ” The smaller Vargas’ smile grew wide when his brother finally acknowledged him, and the innocence in his expression left Lovino completely unprepared for the words that came next. ” The only response Feliciano received to his question at first was a blank stare from his beloved brother, a small frown adorning his expression as the elder’s mind overworked itself trying to process what he’d just been asked. I think I must have misheard you.” Feliciano tilted his head slightly to the side, confused by the other’s strange behaviour, but shrugged anyway and repeated himself. ” The younger pouted at the insult that left his flustered brother, confused by the other’s actions. He made a strange noise before telling me to ask you.” Feliciano’s response received a bemused look from the other for a moment before Lovino groaned, burying his face in his folded arms.Damn it, Lovino was going to give him a piece of his mind later. ” “Er…” Lovino faltered, racking his brain for an excuse that would get him out of this situation.Unfortunately for him, his mind pulled a blank – if he rejected the younger Italian, Feliciano would just go find someone else to explain it to him. Author/Artist: Free Beloved Army Fandom: Hetalia: Axis Powers Character(s) or Pairing(s): North Italy/Veneziano/Feliciano Vargas, South Italy/Romano/Lovino Vargas, mildly implied Itacest (North Italy x South Italy) and Spamano (Spain x Romano) Rating: General Audience Warnings: Mild language, implied incest Summary: Eleven year old Feliciano Vargas wants to know what sex is, and chooses to ask his very unwilling, very flustered brother to explain it to him. ” Lovino Vargas groaned softly as his brother’s high-pitched voice broke through his carefully constructed concentration. Status: Complete (May include another chapter) ~ “Fratello, fratello!The impatience on his brother’s face was becoming more prominent though, and with a resigned sigh he finally gave in. Like, er, people who are dating or married.” Feliciano made a soft ‘o’ shape with his mouth at this explanation, and Lovino prayed that his brother would drop the subject now. How could one individual be so freaking oblivious?!“W-Well because, your first time should be with someone special, not your brother…” “But fratello is special!Mild being the key word – he was still furious with the younger for disrupting him; no amount of strange expressions would change that any time soon. His intent was completely ignored by said brother as the younger started speaking again, the volume of his voice actually seeming to raise a couple of notches. ” Feliciano’s childish whines were starting to grate on Lovino’s nerves by now, and the last of his patience was finally pushed off its critical ledge when the younger Italian started tugging insistently on his sleeve, earning him another glare. Lovino’s mind refused to comprehend the words though – after all, there wasn’t a chance such an enquiry had actually come from the pure child before him… Again, Lovino stared at him quietly, unable to process the question for several moments before his face turned a bright shade of red. What was so bad about his question that had invoked such a reaction from the elder? Damn old man, he was always doing things like this! ” Lovino asked the question cautiously, using it as a method of stalling his own answer despite not really wanting to know.It was the main reason why Lovino felt like was the one raising Feliciano half the time, rather than their guardian. “I heard Nonno talking about it with Ludwig’s Nonno when I was at their house the other day!


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