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After submission of the Liquidation Report, the company should perform de-registration with the authorities.

After de-registration, the company can repatriate the remaining funds back to the investor.

According to PRC law, a WFOE must be dissolved if any of the following circumstances apply: For circumstances (2), (3), (6) and (7), dissolution will need the approval of the relevant authority.

In this situation, both import VAT and customs duties should be levied.The relevant formula is: Secondly, if a foreign invested enterprise wishes to transfer goods originally imported with an import VAT exemption, if goods are left with a Chinese partner or transferred or sold to a domestic enterprise, Customs would calculate the tax amount based on the depreciation year.If they are transferred to other foreign enterprises enjoying preferential tax treatment, then the goods could still enjoy such preferential treatment.stamp duty and deed tax) should be declared within a certain period after the relevant activity occurs.But the majority of taxes are declared periodically, for example monthly.However, there will always be some that do not succeed commercially, or that may have to close because of external circumstances affecting their parent company overseas.There are of course regulations under Chinese law for how these liquidation processes should properly be carried out to ensure that the company’s final bills are settled, tax is paid, and all the company’s remaining liabilities and statutory responsibilities are correctly discharged.These de-registrations and other processes are: In addition, some companies in particular sectors may have other specialized registrations and those should be closed off as well.Although not strictly a financial issue, foreign investors should also ensure that, for example, unused raw materials and unsold products are disposed of properly, and in an environmentally sensitive way, and that buildings and other major assets are dealt with properly. Financial and tax considerations when liquidating Foreign invested enterprises in China that undergo liquidation will need to deal with two main tax issues.These are: Some foreign enterprises may still be receiving various incentives, including “tax holidays” such as a two-year exemption and three-year 50 percent reductions on enterprise income tax.Such “tax holidays” normally only apply to companies on the assumption that they are expected to operate for at least 10 years.


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  3. TORONTO — Sears Canada could begin a full liquidation of the business as soon as Oct. 19 as the clock runs down on an offer from executive chairman.

  4. Liquidation is the process of bringing a business to an end and distributing its assets to claimants, that occurs when a company becomes insolvent.

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