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So unless you are purposefully trying to make a statement, draw it with as much detail, more or less, as you did everything else.

If you have some insurmountable fear of ever drawing a penis you can always substitute with a banana.

Drawing cropped views is great, but the majority of your sketches should be the whole figure. If you always draw these last, and you always run out of time, you will never learn how to draw them.

Sometimes a very simple shape is enough for a hand or foot or a background shadow to indicate a head.

Our brains will either delete, distort and generalize information so that it suits the image in our minds.

To give you a simple example, a menu describes the food, yet it is not the food. So you take a deep breath, pinch your nose tight, and jump into the first hole--the sewer. Not nice at all, but you are alive.” Looking back at a situation, I might realize I could have chosen a different path. NLP Presupposition 3: “You cannot NOT communicate.” What we say non-verbally is more influential in a conversation than what we say.

NLP Presupposition 1: “The map is not the territory” Keep in mind that whenever you try to be the observer and “see” a situation from different viewpoints you are practicing NLP.

Try adding in the cast shadow from your figure, along with any drapery, patterns, etc.

Although recently I have been having fun leaving everything out except the figure.

NLP Presupposition 2: “People work perfectly” and “Behind every behavior lies a positive intention” At any given moment, people make choices that are the best ones they consider possible for themselves. If you can always think of what people do to you, around you, and the things that you do as “Imagine you are in a room that looks like it's straight out of a James Bond or Indiana Jones movie. Imagine a countdown clock that tells you how long you have before you're crushed, and you have 60 seconds left. You lift the lid off the first one and it is a sewer. You can do this in a casual way without revealing your intentions; it just needs a bit of practice.

The stench is so strong it infuses the entire room. Implement these 3 basic NLP techniques in your daily life, and you're well on your way to using neuro-linguistic programming to positively impact your life.


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