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Free sex dating site with phone numbers Desi sex chat no webcam

Most 10XXX numbers connect to locations in Canada, so you can reasonably expect English or French speaking operators and phone sluts.

No FCC regulations, so the 10XXX numbers can deliver explicit phone sex.

If you're thinking of calling one of these numbers you should ALWAYS call your long distance provider and verify what the rates will be for the call.

10XXX Numbers: Per-minute numbers that are routed through a central switch with additional phone numbers that put you through to the service.

Just know that once you hit a full minute and a half, you're considered responsible for the call. Most services have a non-negotiable minimum talk time which is somewhere between 5 and 10 minutes. This can also be traced to long-distance billing practices of phone companies.

The reason for this is because many guys CAN and DO cum in two minutes or thereabouts. Phone sex companies can charge anything they want a minute. This practice originated with the long-distance billing procedures of phone companies which offer considerably lower long distance rates, but require X number of minutes per call. It doesn't matter if you talk for or - you'll be charged for eight minutes. Most services have a pre-designated maximum time limit.

Often, they only check availability of funds for a certain block of time and will instruct the phone slut to cut you off after that no matter how sparkling and pretty your credit may be. Phone sluts will often have more than one persona with a service.You may run into people with barely any grasp of the language you're speaking, and companies who don't answer to the same type of fraud laws as where you're calling from.On the plus side, you're only paying the pre-designated long distance charges, whatever they may be.They mean you're probably connecting to a sweat shop.Quite frankly, the only johns who use these types of services are the one who don't have any other method of payment available to them.There is typically a recorded introduction telling you to hang up if you're under 18, and disclosing what the cost per minute is and what the service offers - which can be ANYTHING.It can be recorded fantasy, hook-up to a party line, one-on-one phone slut contact - the sky's the limit.This helps them track their regular customers and know what to expect from a call.A twenty-something girl named Jane could possibly have an 18 year-old vanilla persona called "Amy," a thirty-something dom persona named "Mistress Scarlett" and an ageless she-male persona know as "Pat." 6.Web900 doesn't let you go over and there are no refunds for unused minutes.900 numbers mean restrictions on the nature of your conversation.


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