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Dating daan religion history lil kim dating

And the ‘little city’ is the congregation the he is holding. Conclusively, how can he strongly claim that what he is leading is the true church that all people should join to and he is the true messenger, when somebody is claiming the same title?

Knowing that he is the one that will save or deliver the small city by his wisdom. That is a very big disrespect to his beloved mentor Mr.

Regarding their humble beginning, doctrines and general information on what’s inside their congregation.

They boastfully broadcast with all their collective effort thru local television, radio and online information that they are the true Church, which teaches the everlasting and untarnished Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Iglesia ni Cristo religious program Ang Tamang Daan, obviously and rightfully, not wanting this bad information to be taken as fact immediately responded with a correction and a lesson to impart an important historical detail. Roman Again in an episode of his talkshow, supposedly televangelizing a listener ask him to explain Roman . Then Soriano declared: ”“ He was referring to another filipino televangelist who ran for president and placed last in a field of five. As luck would have it he was disqualified as a nuisance candidate by the Commission on Elections.

The reason why some people of Cainta, Rizal are considerably darker than others is because they are descendants of Sepoys who elected to remain in the Philippines. The conversation was in Tagalog and the verse in question as written in tagalog goes like this: “.

Soriano took the Filipino translation, thinking that this is suitable for him that he is the poor wise man.One thing more, their church is the church that will be saved by Jesus Christ on the Day of Judgment. Ang Dating Daan (The Old Path) is the facade of a religion, which is formerly known Iglesia ng Dios kay Kristo Hesus, Haligi at Saligan ng Katotohanan which was registered way back 1977 by Fermin Calma, a close friend of Mr. Eli himself is the leader of the new break away group. Soriano registered another religious name similar to what was registered before, but it is more longer that is first registry – Ang Mga Kaanib sa Iglesia ng Dios kay Kristo Hesus, Haligi at Saligan ng Katotohanan sa bansang Pilipinas – 1980.The religious name that contain ‘Saligan’ was sued by the original religious group where it came from the ‘Suhay’, under the leadership of Ms. The case was closed, and under the command of the Securities and Exchange Commission the newly formed group of Mr. Added information were ‘Ang mga kaanib’ and ‘sa bansang Pilipinas.’Another name was registered – Iglesia ni YHWH, under the same leadership, it loosen its legality again, due to lack of interest of the party to submit all the necessary papers and annual requirements for finances. In one episode of his Philippine talk show, he was asked why some people in Cainta, Rizal, Philippines where considerably darker than others inhabitants in the area. Just a few of the many “wisdom” from the “phenomenal preacher”.I can see some people may get a tan but to permanently change the color of the skin, and then pass this on to their children sounds a little over-reaching. In another episode, Soriano tells his members that they, members of his cult, can run for public office. The ‘city’ being referred to was the city being led by the son of David – he is the poor man and the wise man as well, and not Mr. When the Bible spoke of something in the future it is really sure to happen, it is not a prophecy that is like the thinking of ordinary man that it might or it might not be looking for chances. It will be fulfilled just like what God have said in Isaiah b, In a very careful study, he is not the first to claim that he is wise. Nicolas Perez, the leader of the first religion he joined to. Whenever he tells a lie he speaks in character, because he is a liar and the father of lies.”It is one of the stunning declarations of Mr.Soriano that their Church is the ‘True Church’ and it is the only group that will be saved by the Lord Jesus Christ when he come back and He is the true messenger from God that carries the everlasting Gospel that would lead to the Kingdom of God.Posted in Religion, tagged Ang Dating Daan, Church of Christ, Eli Soriano, Eliseo Soriano, Eraño Manalo, Felix Manalo, Felix Manalo's ordination, God, Iglesia Ni Cristo, Iglesia Ni Kristo, laying on of hands, Members Church of God International, Pasugo, sugo, The Old Path on June 7, 2009| Leave a Comment » is a wanted fugitive. He sports many monikers such as “the most sensible preacher of our times”, “phenomenal preacher”, “Walking bible”, “Modern Jeremiah”, “the appointed one”, “he who holds the key”, and others. Other terms he uses to describe himself are “tech savvy” and “human encyclopedia”. I looked into a few of his pronouncements and found a lot of weird stuff. Not even pausing to ponder the question, he said that the reason was that the sun beats extra hot in Cainta, Rizal. He said this bit with full authority as if he knew what he was talking about. Doesn’t he give new meaning to the phrase ‘false preachers’?He has been on the run since he left his flock and the Philippines sometime in 2005. We may disagree with a lot of things but anyone accused of a crime must be considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Let’s together see if this man they call “wise man” make sense at all. He made it sound that, as a matter of fact, the sun is just hotter in Cainta, Rizal. There maybe a few reasons why the sun would beat extra harder or hotter in a certain spot, but would this make someone darker permanently?


  1. Eliseo Soriano, former leader and presiding minister of a christian cult called “Ang Dating Daan” is a wanted fugitive. He has been on the run since he left his.

  2. The real history of the MCGI/Ang Dating Daan has been whitewashed and hidden from Soriano's followers to conceal the origins of their unbiblical and satanic teachings.

  3. Ang dating daan religion history - Ang dating daan religion history Barely 30.

  4. Ang dating daan history - Ang Dating Daan Religion History. Through the local radio station DWWA Khz, Top 20 dating apps was heard in many parts of the Philippine.

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