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After World War II, when Japan lost, the Chinese of Taiwanese origin and people from the Korean Peninsula persecuted, robbed and sometimes beat up Japanese. I was surprised that there was a big reaction to my speech.

For a long time, Chongryon enjoyed unofficial immunity from searches and investigations, although it has long been suspected of a variety of criminal acts on behalf of North Korea, such as illegal transfer of funds to North Korea and espionage.Ethnic Koreans in Japan were massacred as scapegoat in the chaos of the Great Kanto earthquake in 1923.Many Korean refugees also came to the country during the Jeju uprising in the First Republic of South Korea.Taiwan was a colony of Japan from 1895 to 1945 and Taiwanese during this time were considered Japanese citizens..Renhō, the leader of the Democratic Party, is known to be the most famous Taiwanese-Japanese politician.Of these, 210,000 to 870,000 Koreans died during forced labor in places such as Manchuria and Sakhalin.During the occupation of Korea by Japan, the Japanese government enforced a policy of forced assimilation.It is regrettable that the word was interpreted in the way it was.The Ainu are an indigenous group mainly living in Hokkaidō.A large proportion of this immigration is said to be the result of Korean landowners and workers losing their land and livelihood due to Japanese land and production confiscation initiatives and migrating to Japan for work.According to the calculation of Rudolph Rummel, a total of 5.4 million Koreans were also conscripted into forced labor, and shipped throughout the Japanese Empire.


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