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In our latest look at the updated classic, we see Lin-Manuel Miranda's Jack the Lamplighter and Emily Blunt's Mary Poppins take the Banks children – this time the grown-up Michael Banks' (Ben Whishaw) children – on a joyride., Emily said she had channelled the "eccentric and wacky" side of Mary Poppins, as well as her surprising sass."[She's] incredibly vain and rude to the children," she explained.

“To this day, Blake believes Miranda cheated on him.“DID ANYONE ELSE SEE MIRANDA LOWKEY THROW SHADE AT BLAKE?????” one fan tweeted, while another wrote, “Wouldn’t be the CMAs without a little Miranda/Blake shade sprinkled into the show right??That person, who hasn't been named, sent out the message, which was comprised solely of a photo of a half-naked Kylo Ren, probably in an attempt to reach a fellow fan of Adam Driver's character in the new Star Wars movies.After receiving the picture, Lin-Manuel shared it on Twitter and wrote: 'Hard to escape Star wars today.lol #CMAawards.” Added another: “One of my favorite things is when Miranda throws shade where it’s deserved.” As previously reported, Miranda, who is currently dating musician Anderson East, called it quits with Blake, 41, in July 2015 after nearly four years of marriage.In August 2016, Lambert told "Every record I’ve ever made has been a reflection of where I am right then in my life, however old I am.He kept the the Oklahoma home they shared, while she reportedly got the 11,000 square-foot Nashville house they bought in 2013.In recent months she’s been seen around Music City often, and she's played several official and unofficial shows, including a benefit for the Women's Creators Fund in January.In the clip, captioned “I got the hell out of Oklahoma “ akskkssk😂😂😂😂😂 @mirandalambert did THAT,” you could hear the crowd erupt into applause.This isn’t the first time Lambert has spoken out about her high-profile split during a concert.


  1. Miranda Lambert seemingly threw shade at ex-husband Blake Shelton during her soulful performance of "To Learn Her" — read more.

  2. Miranda Lambert’s new house sits one hour south of Nashville, on 400 acres of green and farmland. Pictures show rolling hills and rustic living spaces.

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