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Risk assessments usually improve when additional risk factors, such as dynamic (changeable) risk factors, are also examined by trained professionals.Research-based risk assessment helps probation and parole officers decide which offenders need more intensive supervision, including active monitoring with GPS, and helps inform sex offender management decisions by supervising officers and treatment management professionals.As offenders successfully live in the community without incurring new offenses, their recidivism risk declines.In general, the expected sexual offense recidivism rate is reduced if the offender has over two years of offense-free behavior in the community.Additionally, a registrant may apply for exclusion from the Website, if he or she meets the requirements set forth in Penal Code § 290.46, subdivision (e).

Not all sex offenders are eligible to be scored on these tools.Risk scores are calculated based on the re-offense rates of numerous sex offenders.When an offender has a score comparable to a large number of sex offenders on which the re-offense rates were derived, then the sex offender is expected to have a similar rate of sexual re-offense.The longer it has been since the offender’s sex offense conviction, the lower the expected recidivism rate, if he has not committed another sex offense or a new serious or violent offense.Offenders who commit a new sexual or other offense that resulted in a sentence of more than one to two months jail time, however, may not be at lower risk of sexual reoffense as time goes by, and may even be higher risk. 59, online at show that the Static-99R is moderately accurate in the ability to predict sexual recidivism.For those who can be posted, only some registrants can have their home addresses posted, others are posted by ZIP Code only.There is another category of offenders which is not posted on the public Website.Generally, the Static-99R is used to score male offenders age 18 and over, but certain offenses do not qualify for scoring, and offenders who have been offense-free in the community for over 10 years may not qualify for scoring.The Juvenile Sexual Offense Recidivism Risk Assessment Tool-II (JSORRAT-II) is used to assess juvenile sex offenders if they are under 18 at the time of the risk assessment, when probation recommends placement at the state level (CDCR/Division of Juvenile Justice).The STABLE-2007/ACUTE-2007 are used to assess the same offenders as the Static-99R.The LS/CMI can be used to assess male and female offenders.


  1. For example, tell your child “if you see this person in a store, come stand next to me,” or, “if this person asks you for a favor or offers you a treat, politely say no and come back home.” Learn more about rules sex offenders must follow. Many states have laws that restrict where a sex offender can live, particularly with respect to.

  2. In fact, Oregon has the most registered sex offenders per capita of any state except one, national statistics show. And those are the sex offenders police know about. Others come to Oregon with no intention of playing by the rules. They simply don't register. They exploit federal and state laws that rely on the honor system.

  3. Who must register? If you have been convicted of a sexual offense in another state, territory or jurisdiction or a federal conviction in federal court that requires registration as a sex offender, then you will be required to. Am I required to notify my neighbors and/or employer that I am required to register as a sex offender? No.

  4. Aug 24, 2017. "You'll have an option — you'll be able to go online and request that," Mr Palmer told the Senate committee. The ABS has not yet confirmed who will be eligible for the paperless option, or exactly what that option will be. Despite being able to register to vote, 16- and 17-year-olds will not be able to take part.

  5. Dec 14, 2017. Adults who are in a relationship as a couple, regardless of sex, can apply for registration of their relationship, provided at least one of them lives in NSW. Adults in both heterosexual and same-sex relationships are eligible to. A couple does not have to live together to be eligible to register their relationship.

  6. Selective Service has no authority to collect such information, has no use for it, and it is irrelevant to the registration requirement. Consequently, there is no. DUAL NATIONALS Dual nationals of the U. S. and another country are required to register, regardless of where they live, because they are U. S. nationals. See also.

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