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Mr De Mar added that section 6.225 of Iran's controversial legislation says that if a person's parents were Muslims at the time they were trying to conceive a child, and that converts to another religion and renounces Islam, he or she would be a national apostate.Feb 28: How Faith Communities Talk About Abstinence & Virginity Impacts Teens This interactive live conversation with Rev.

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She reported to the police who, even in the face of confessions from several of the men, never indicted anyone. This excuse for sexual harassment, abuse, and assault simply won’t fly, although it is being used on a number of fronts by powerful men who have finally been called out on their “misbehaviors” from the ‘70’s until today. From Hollywood producers, actors, and directors, to politicians, to popular journalists and editors, to respected professors, to John Howard Yoder, the prominent 20thcentury Mennonite theologian, this generation of powerful men seem to take the “back in the day” approach: it was okay then, so why isn’t it still okay to sexually harass, abuse, and assault?

According to the New Testament, Christians were subject to various persecutions from the beginning.

This involved even death for Christians such as Stephen (Acts ) and James, son of Zebedee (12:2).

Larger-scale persecutions followed at the hands of the authorities of the Roman Empire, beginning with the year 64, when, as reported by the Roman historian Tacitus, the Emperor Nero blamed them for that year's Great Fire of Rome.

According to Church tradition, it was under Nero's persecution that Peter and Paul were each martyred in Rome.


  1. The history of Christianity concerns the Christian religion, Christendom, and the Church with its various denominations, from the 1st century to the present.

  2. Christian Brothers University is a four-year, private university founded on the heritage of Lasallian education in Memphis, TN. While large enough to provide.

  3. A Christian GP is facing the threat of being struck off for suggesting a patient could find solace in Jesus. But Richard Scott said yesterday that it was worth the.

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