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The full support is available only for Direct Admin monthly licenses.

I totally saw this on Something Awful’s Goons with Spoons Rainbow Cake thread, way to steal the idea, asshole.

Discounts are available for monthly management services, when ordered for more than one server.

Reduced proactive management packages are also available for lower prices (monitoring time limits, management hours per month limits, response time limits).

Our pro-active management service will take care of your server, freeing you to do more with your time.

Our monitoring system will notify us of any potential problems BEFORE they occur – Allowing us to handle issues without impact to you or your clients.

With our World-Class Server Management, you can rest assured your server is in expert hands with our talented system administrators.You probably aren’t on a diet, so I don’t know why you bothered to make diet cake.I just don’t want to answer any more emails about it.Besides there are advanced types of technical support: level 1 - Basic support: the technical support of ISPlicense will help you to install the panel on the server and reply to your question about software operating (5 tickets per month is the limit).That type of support doesn’t include directly any server work (except the initial installation).Aside from his razor-sharp technical skills, Martynas demonstrates a high level of integrity, professionalism, and courtesy in everything he does. Part of this is because, as a Direct Admin contributor for over 10 years, he has more Direct Admin experience than perhaps all but two or three people on the planet.At Lite Speed, we've been very fortunate to work with him (on integration for Lite Speed Web Server in Custom Build 2.0).Just make a regular cake and then put food colouring in it, it will look the same, promise.If I don’t make it with soda, will the colours run?If we have any questions about Direct Admin - he is the first person we would talk too.He is the the most knowledgeable expert when Direct Admin & Cloud Linux are taken together.


  1. Martynas. IT Professional server management, offering proactive monthly management services. DirectAdmin experts.

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  5. Standard product of DirectAdmin control panel supposes only English. Our company has translated OutServices skins for DirectAdmin like MarinaRS and Capri to easy the.

  6. Learn more about directdating.nl; directdating.nl is active now. and hosted on Netherlands also assigned to 213.1.

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