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You don’t get sucked in there never to be found again….” The questioner laughed, and everyone else laughed but not derisively.We are teaching far more than sexuality content when we work with young people. There’s nothing like that moment when guys finally get that answer to something they have always wanted to know.This often results in an explosion of laughter or energy in the room.One caution about humor, though, is that it is very easy to slip into it because you know that it engages the learners. When I use humor, I am always grateful to hear that participants laughed or had fun.But I also always ask, “So, what’s something you learned that you think you’ll be able to use when you go home?The boy code values competition, so using a lesson that includes a competitive aspect almost guarantees focus and participation.Just be careful that the competition or the prize for winning the competition doesn’t become the focus instead of what you are trying to teach. When I did work in areas with higher gang-related activity, we never used competition in the classroom because it was unsafe to do so.Sexuality is not only interesting and exciting, but it is also, on occasion, hilarious.One of my favorite characteristics of adolescent and teen boys is how goofy they can be.I thought I’d offer a few tried-and-true techniques here as a sneak preview.I have two points to make on this, knowing that experienced educators will read this and think, “Well, duh, I use ground rules with all my groups.” But my first point is, ground rules are particularly important with guys. William Pollack’s “boy code,” boys navigate the world through rules, and therefore, both having rules and letting them come up with those rules is imperative for both group dynamics and group buy-in on your work with them.


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