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An introduction to tree ring dating

(2009) Oaks, tree rings and wooden cultural heritage: a review of the main characteristics and applications of oak dendrochronology in Europe.

(2011) Dendroclimatology in high-resolution paleoclimatology.

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Depending on the type of project you choose, your paper should include (at a minimum) introduction, background research/discussion of the problem, field and lab methods, results, discussion, conclusion, and references cited sections. The paper should be formatted in the style used by the major journal in your field (i.e. Irregular recurrence of large earthquakes along the San Adreas Fault: Evidence from trees. Swetnam (2001) Using dendrochronology to reconstruct the history of ecosystems. (2011) Application of streamflow reconstruction to water resources management. et al., (2011) Timing and duration of European larch growing season along altitudinal gradients in the Swiss Alps. This economy of effort, however, does not extend to using the same paper for two or more classes! (2014) A tree-ring perspective on the terrestrial carbon cycle. Tree-ring characteristics along a vegetation gradient in Northern Arizona. This page does not attempt to cover the details of wood formation that make tree rings possible, but rather provides an overview of common wood characteristics and anomalies that you will need to identify when you are crossdating.Variation in these rings is due to variation in environmental conditions when they were formed.In addition to a full citation for the work, a succinct summary of the most important points of the paper should be provided, along with your own assessment and judgement of the findings and values of the paper and how it fits in the context of the graduate paper. These summary statements should not simply be condensed versions of the paper's abstract, but should clearly show your own evaluation of the paper. Desert dendrochronology: tree-ring dating prehistoric sites in the Tucson Basin. Diaz and Trouet (2014) Some Perspectives on Societal Impacts of Past Climatic Changes. (2011) Multi-scale controls of historical forest-fire regimes: new insights from fire-scar networks.


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