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Epstein had a portfolio of local artists but initially showed little interest in her.

Her first audition was a failure, partly because of nerves, and partly because the Beatles (who supported her) played the songs in their usual vocal key rather than re-pitching them for Black's voice.

The resulting 'couple' are then off for a holiday (anywhere from Alton Towers to the Seychelles), having picked a card from one of several (although, typically, the guy acts like the perfect gentleman, allowing the girl to pick).

A week on, and they return, complete with footage of their holiday, and their verdict on one another. Gullible viewers believe that the guy/girl choosing asks three questions of his/her own choice, to which the three hopefuls of the opposite sex reply with their own responses.

British television network ITV honoured this milestone with a one-off entertainment special which aired on 16 October 2013.She then took the name Black as part of her stage name.Black signed her first contract with long-time friend and neighbour, Terry Mc Cann, but this contract was never honoured as it was made when she was under-age (the age of majority was then 21) and her father subsequently signed her with Brian Epstein.The day after her funeral, the compilation album The Very Best of Cilla Black went to number one on the UK Albums Chart and the New Zealand Albums Chart; it was her first number one album.Priscilla Maria Veronica White was born in Liverpool, England, on and grew up in the Scotland Road area of the city.The more cynical viewer, however, will surely realize that the contestants rarely fail to offer a witty, intelligent reply with remarkable spontaneity, despite often looking a sandwich short of a picnic.Contestants are usually selected for their good looks, although a contestant (usually a guy) considerably less blessed in the looks department than the other two will, on occasion, be selected; presumably for entertainment value.The show, called The One & Only Cilla Black, featured Black herself and was hosted by Paul O'Grady.Black died on 1 August 2015 after a fall in her villa in Estepona, Spain.The original British version of the quiz show that's become a worldwide hit.Host Chris Tarrant asks hopeful contestants a series of questions, each more difficult than the last. See full summary » The outline: one contestant has to choose between three, unseen-to-whom members of the opposite sex, their only help being the answers to three questions asked by them to them (capped off by a recap by ' Our Graham').


  1. Jun 16, 2017. Classic TV dating show Blind Date returns to UK television tomorrow evening, its first full series since 2003. Formerly presented by Cilla Black, the show ran for 18 seasons on Saturday nights on ITV from 1985 to 2003. At the height of its popularity in the 1980s, the show received ratings of 18.2m.

  2. Mar 16, 2017. Paul O'Grady has been revealed as the host of the upcoming Blind Date revival, replacing his late best friend Cilla Black. Singer and TV host Cilla Black fronted the ITV dating show for nearly two decades, from 1985 until 2004. . The TV legend, who was integral to the original series, passed away in August.

  3. BLIND Date is making a return to TV screens following the reports that Channel 5 are planning to revive the iconic dating show that was fronted by the late Cilla Black.

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