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After touring around the somewhat bare shelves and checking out what my sister called the “sale nipple” – yea, don’t even ask about that one- we make our way back to the car. He laughs and thinks I’m being funny and I just put the beer glass back up to my lips and smile. I honestly can’t wait to get away from this guy, so I start fiddling with purse.

After a few quiet minutes (probably a whole 30 seconds if I’m honest). although I have a girl friend back home who might say I was lying about that one (I did at one point have enough UNSOLICITED..okay, solicited dick pics to paper a room with..). He asks very aggressively what I am doing, which prompts me to grab a lipgloss quickly and point to it.

She’s just a milk addicted, caring, quirky, over zealous mother, worried for the safety of her eldest daughter. We head to Niblick, which thankfully is about 2 minutes down the road. I remain pretty quiet and silently wonder to myself when the appropriate time to pull the plug on this evening would be, but I also wonder just how bad it could go and if I could use any of it for my stand up. We arrive at Niblick, he parks as far away as possible so literally there are no cars near his car. Makes some statement that made me feel embarrassed for even opening my mouth.For some this may be a condition that becomes consistent over time and become a normal action.When a shy person is around others you may see that they do what they can to stay away from the people that they do not know. Has she contacted his mother to synchronize the family Easter dinners?! Thank the lord in the mighty heavens above that none of the above had happened.. He then makes some negative comment about what I’m wearing (I have jeans, flat boots, and a long sleeve shirt on – not really sure the problem). I am in need of an expert though to a serious question. I am watching her scroll through the photos on her phone and what do I spy? ERRRRMYYGOODDDD How am I going to explain this to him? Has she started messaging him photo shopped pictures of our future children?! I see him (kinda hard to miss with the giant beard and being that he was the literally the only one in the parking lot). He looks at me funny and tells me he doesn’t know me.It also exerted some influence on Arabic, particularly Bahrani Arabic, With a long history of literature in the form of Middle Persian before Islam, Persian was the first language in the Muslim world to break through Arabic's monopoly on writing, and the writing of poetry in Persian was established as a court tradition in many eastern courts.Some of the famous works of Persian literature are the Shahnameh of Ferdowsi, the works of Rumi, the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, the Panj Ganj of Nizami Ganjavi, the Divān of Hafez and the two miscellanea of prose and verse by Saadi Shirazi, the Gulistan and the Bustan.As you learn the vocabulary, try to use it in other situations.Homework Sheet - Vocabulary ( This sheet (in PDF or Word format) can be used to write down new vocabulary and their definitions from the vocabulary exercises on this site, and students are encouraged to then write sample sentences for each word as a way of learning how to use the vocabulary in context.Consequently, scholars wishing to study the origins of language must draw inferences from other kinds of evidence such as the fossil record, archaeological evidence, contemporary language diversity, studies of language acquisition, and comparisons between human language and systems of communication existing among other animals (particularly other primates).Each of the pages below is designed to build communication skills, with a Listening and Discussion activity.


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