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We were like two peas in a pod, traveling all over Europe, and traveling all throughout the United States and doing autograph signings.

The Bible has no reference to Rachel’s love for Jacob.

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It was broken into six filmed episodes interspersed with interactive storytelling, all on Alex (the main character)'s Facebook timeline.

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Even after Jacob found that he had been deceived by Laban and had been given Leah instead, he served and waited for Rachel another seven years because “he loved her more than Leah” ().

The Hebrew form of Rachel’s description (Genesis ) suggests that she was “beautiful in form and beautiful in look.” That God does not look upon the outward appearance merely is evidenced by the fact, of which Ellicott reminds us, that “it was not Rachel, with her fair face and well-proportioned figure, and her husband’s lasting love, that was the mother of the progenitor of the Messiah, but the weary-eyed Leah.”While, as the younger daughter, it was Rachel’s task to go to the well and draw water for her father’s sheep, it was no mere coincidence that she went that day when Jacob arrived.


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