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Le Noir, who began playing basketball aged 7, was a high school star who led USC team to two NCAA tournament appearances.

She has identified as straight for the past seven years.

Le Noir, who identified as gay for most of her career, claims she was left with the impression that she would have got the job if she was still gay.'I felt the job was taken away because of my heterosexuality,' Le Noir, 31, said.

He made the freshman team in high school, but as a 4-11 guard didn't play much. And all the while, he started to sense his attraction to men. Even if it wasn't meant maliciously, even if it didn't spell out hatred, he believed those casually tossed-off slurs meant he wouldn't be accepted if he told his truth. He can exhale.“There was an initial shock factor,” senior forward Curtis Oakley tells USA TODAY Sports.In recent weeks he informed the rest of the coaching staff and key members of the Bryant athletics department.It was there she discovered her love for the Bible and became increasingly consumed by her faith.As she did so, she said she struggled to reconcile herself as a lesbian with conservative Christian teachings.'It was just a constant wrestling with what I know the Bible says, my family says and my emotions.That morning, Tebsherany tweeted a quote from an author, Laurell K.Hamilton: “Without them being there, I could have found an excuse not to do it,” Burns says.Burns counted on compliance coordinator Mike Mac Donald to hold him accountable and Tristan Hobbes of athletic communications for good humor and director of women’s basketball operations Lauren Tebsherany to pick up his spirit when depression left him crippled in bed; she once wrote him a six-page letter expressing everything she loved about him.Mac Donald and Hobbes are his housemates and they waited in the hallway on the late September day when Burns told the captains.But since identifying as straight, she said she hasn't felt pressure to change her sexuality.She failed to stick with the Mystics but flew around the world with the sport, and became one of the top guards in Greece, where she spent two years playing professionally.


  1. In enhancing the work they do with their clients by learning life coaching skills, and to current Life Coaches interested in deepening theirs skills. The training will focus on three dimensions of coaching 1 Gay coaching issues such as coming out, HIV status, dating, self-esteem, etc. 2 Coaching presence and mindfulness

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