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Sample emails internet dating Male dating phone chat signup

Here’s a few other campaign ideas for you to consider: This blog post on increasing customer lifetime value has even more examples of personalized campaigns from market leading brands such as Amazon.

How do you ensure customers are actually clicking through and converting from all of your personalized campaigns?

Nearly the entire template is clickable (you can tell from the big arrows on the right hand side).

A clean, clear and direct layout is the place to start and, if you want to enhance your call to action even further, think about adding urgency.

I recently spent some time working with one of the founders of 7pm Anywhere about activating new customers.

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Here is how you should think about creating a campaign like the examples above: This can work in any business.You know from your own experience that it’s easy to lose touch with updates and innovations from every business you interact with and email can help solve this for YOUR customers. I signed up on 21 February at 1.57pm and received a welcome email seconds later.Less than 15 minutes after that I received this email: I’m not sure if the girl in question actually selected me as a candidate for her ‘date’ but, either way, this was a stellar campaign from How About We.One of the single biggest mistakes marketers make is not emailing their customers enough.You probably shouldn’t be sending 10 per week (I’ve tried it 😉 but genuinely think about your customers’ relationship with your business.By personalization I don’t simply mean using your first name; I’m talking about crafting a campaign that feels personal in the way it is delivered. Take this example from How About We: Sent leading up to the weekend the subject, copy and tone of this email make it feel as though the dates How About We has selected are just for me. Each of the dates mentioned are filtered based on age and location so the email that is sent to each individual customer is personalized for them.Here’s another example from Zoosk: again, Zoosk have targeted this email by filtering the profiles they include using age and location.Spending time working on your calls to action is where the magic happens.There is a lot that goes into optimizing your CTAs, from testing colours to reviewing the layout to improving your copy.Zoosk repeats the CTA multiple times in it’s emails and always anchors the CTA on the name of the profile user.This is a powerful trick as it is much more personal and draws the reader in. How can you gamify your campaigns around your core building block?


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