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Argentina ¦ Australia ¦ Bahamas ¦ Barbados ¦ Belize ¦ Botswana ¦ Canada ¦ Cayman Islands ¦ China ¦ Croatia ¦ Denmark ¦ Egypt ¦ Europe ¦ Fiji ¦ France ¦ Ghana ¦ Guyana ¦ Haiti ¦ Hong Kong ¦ Hungary ¦ Indonesia ¦ India ¦ Iraq ¦ Ireland ¦ Jamaica ¦ Japan ¦ Jordan ¦ Kampuchea ¦ Kenya ¦ Lithuania ¦ Malaysia ¦ Malta ¦ Namibia ¦ Netherlands ¦ New Zealand ¦ Nigeria ¦ Pakistan ¦ Peru ¦ Philippines ¦ Poland ¦ St Vincent ¦ Seychelles ¦ Sierra Leone ¦ Singapore ¦ South Africa ¦ South Korea ¦ Sri Lanka ¦ Sudan ¦ Sweden ¦ Taiwan ¦ Tanzania ¦ Thailand ¦ Trinidad & Tobago ¦ Uganda ¦ United Kingdom ¦ United States ¦ Yemen ¦ Zimbabwe ¦ The World page.In the Country files section are links to documents concentrating on legislative or procedural aspects or the results of court cases, etc.This is an enormous document, really an online book.It was written as a university thesis in 1971 but only saw the light of day in 1999.In 1875 the chief disciplinary method was the cane, "meted out to the hind quarters", but by 1907 a strap was also in use.The headmaster from 1939 to 1950 was also noted for "six of the best".And yet the Convention itself nowhere mentions corporal punishment, and it is plain that such an interpretation was not in the minds of its drafters, and is not what the signatory nations thought they were signing up to.Oldest spanked or given school detention Discussion on a message board about school students given CP at an unusually high age.

Stirring (1974) Synopsis of a "provocative" film set in an "authoritarian" boys' high school in Sydney and made to "demonstrate how a teacher approaches the controversial issue of the use of corporal punishment in schools".

There are stills from the film, and two short video clips from the movie.

Lee Street School: Chapter 3 -- Slates and Cane The story of a school in Melbourne.

I suspect GITEACPOC hopes that people will just assume that it is that kind of body. A BBC News Online "Talking Point" forum from September 1999, in the wake of the Human Rights Watch report on Kenya.

In reality, these busybodies who don't represent anyone except themselves can only keep on nagging. Talking Point: Child Discipline Links to several "conversations" about CP in spring 2001 on yet another BBC website.


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