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: i'm so glad that i at least have enough freedom left to tell you ragheaded fuckers that muhammed was struck down when a drone travelled back in time& caught him fucking a goat, simultaneously getting fucked by a pig, all the while being ridiculed by a dominate mother-in-law in a hellish dust pit surrounded by a forrest of burning korans.Anonymous: appart from france and greece this doesn't make a lot of sense.I mean let's be honest everyone knows wat hapens at the Vatican, they didn't seem to take that into account so maybe there will be a revision... As we see only France is able to get to around 90% of the gay level of USA, all the other countries are far less gay than USA, as Russia is able to achieve the goal of only 1% of USA gayness. He seems to have unwashed hair and an unshaven face and the other girl is clearly a slut with dyed hair. How do you expect these two people to have a decent job?

That bunch of party clowns is too weak to really changing anything.

They didn’t have birth control, but, they did have death control.

Most women died from childbirth with fewer than 50% living past 40.o_O: this make me rmb a comedy movie, A wants to show B the way but have no pen, then use the salt to draw a map on a piece of tissue.

Anonymous: Comic Wrong; It's not about the holocaust, it's about keeping another tribal state in that whole fucking region of mini tribes from developing the technology to destroy the whole fucking region.

Every asshole in the area blames Israel for the horrible shit that's going down in their country, so that's what Israel is; a convenient scapegoat. Current keeps the jaw muscles contracted so it can’t let go while it’s little brain slowly fries. Anonymous: my dick is hard and I would shove it in his ass hard and deep and I would reach around and jack him off and when he cums.....


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