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While “the friend zone” used to have broad cultural capital—there was an MTV show named after it, older sitcoms like Friends and Scrubs frequently referenced it, and all your friends in high school never stopped talking about it—it’s looking more and more like a notion that’s antiquated, sexist, and untrue.While studies show that men are more likely to report being attracted to their opposite-sex friends than women are, there’s not much to support the idea of a narrow window or ticking clock where, after a certain amount of time, romantic relationships become impossible and women (it’s usually women) say to men (it’s usually men) “I just see you as a friend.”More than showing that plenty of relationships start as friendships, Eastwick, Hunt, and Finkel’s research shows that the longer you’re friends with someone, the more possible ways there are for that person to be attracted to you—instead of matching how other people see you, your friends are able to have more idiosyncratic and deeper feelings.Sometimes the real world looks similar to the game we played, but not always.When a relationship starts between two strangers (like in our example) they tend to be relatively closely matched in attractiveness.Friendship, instead of something important and valuable in and of itself, becomes something instrumental men pursue on the road to a relationship.And when that relationship never materializes, “I was friend-zoned!33 - Kensington & Chelsea, London Wanting to share this amazing adventure with someone... Love quiet nights at home, and dancing till the morning... My Single Friend was founded in 2004 by TV presenter and property extraordinaire Sarah Beeny, who is notorious for setting her single friends up.Since then we've had amazing feedback from our site members and hundreds of happy couples who have got hitched, thanks to meeting on MSF!

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The game, while too crude to be properly scientific, roughly demonstrates assortative mating, a common theory of how couples pair.Next, the researchers asked strangers to rate how attractive each member of the couple was.Couples who started dating less than a month after they met one another were much more likely to pair off like the couples in the game I played—the nines with nines, and so on.I wasn’t the only one who had matched with the same number.Assortative mating suggests this kind of even matching is roughly how dating works.Either way, the results were the same: the longer you’ve known someone, the more your rating of them differs from everyone else’s.While you might join the crowd in saying that someone you just met is a six, you might start to see that six as a seven once you get to know them better.While we generally tend to agree on who’s attractive and who isn’t, our tastes are sometimes idiosyncratic—you might prefer tattooed extroverts while your neighbor might prefer someone more reserved.This means that each person really has two numbers on their foreheads: one reflecting the personal preferences of whoever’s looking and the other reflecting general consensus.But when relationships have their roots in friendship things start to look a little different.It’s a phenomenon explored by three researchers in a June paper from the journal of Psychological Science.


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