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You don’t have to give it up entirely of course, but you will have to have some electronic-free time. Every Day, Set Aside Two Hours of Non-Internet Time You can use your phone to listen to stored music as you go about your day. Not counting sleep, grooming, eating, bathrooming, getting ready for bed, and commuting to and from work, set aside two hours out of every day to use the Internet. Once you arrive, turn the phone on so you can receive and make calls, but don’t be that person bumping into people on the street, walking into fire hydrants, getting run over by street sweepers, or walking right off of cliffs (this isn’t a Looney Tunes cartoon and you won’t have the time to look down, realize your predicament, and run back to safety), all because you had your nose in an i Phone.You can use your computer to write in your journal. Use this time to cook and enjoy a delicious meal, hang out with friends and loved ones, go for a walk, lift some heavy things, read a good book, write a letter, pet your dog/cat, or look at clouds. If you’re one of the rare birds that honestly cannot live without being connected, have at it.How many people have taken ten hours to do a task that should have taken two, all because they were clicking back and forth between online forums, Facebook, Twitter, and funny cat pics when they should have been working?Sure, you “enjoyed” yourself, but wouldn’t you have rather finished the task in two hours and had eight hours all to yourself?But is that really a solution, or is it just stating the end goal? The trick lies in figuring out how to reach that goal.That’s the key, and that’s what we should be focusing on: how to get ourselves to spend less time online and more time out in the real world. ” or “don’t check your email” isn’t really useful advice, so we won’t even go there.I’ve seen young guys out at bars who, instead of checking out the women at the next table over or jabbering at each other with youthful exuberance, feel the need to tell everyone on their Facebook lists just how much fun they claim to be having. spend so much unnecessary time online, but we pretty much all know that.

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Make Concrete Plans with Friends Instead of idly chatting to your buddy whom you’ve not seen in months “Oh, we should totally grab dinner sometime,” say “Let’s grab dinner next Wednesday.” See the difference?It also allows you to go into “Focus mode,” which prevents you from visiting the most disruptive (as deemed by the application’s analysis of your habits) websites. Use Self Control No, I didn’t just break my promise not to give redundant, tautological advice.Self Control is an application for Mac OS that allows you to put certain websites on a “blacklist.” Once you activate the timer, you will be unable to visit the websites on your blacklist for the time you’ve allotted.Obviously, you don’t use Self Control to stay offline. Don’t just flit around Facebook in the midst of your work whenever it strikes your fancy, because it’ll strike your fancy more often than not and you’ll end up wasting too much time. Or, if it’s a real busy day, step away from the keyboard and give real, ponderous thought to the day’s tasks.You use Self Control to get your work done faster so that you can log off quicker and get back to the real world. Establish Scheduled Breaks Few can work straight through for eight hours without a break, and I don’t think you should even try to attempt such a feat. I find that setting aside time slots for regular breaks works way better than winging it. You might have a revelation or breakthrough, thereby giving you a boost in efficiency.Take Your Breaks Away from the Computer While you could use those ten minutes to feverishly consume the latest tweets, I’d say your time would be better spent away from the computer. If we use the available tools to connect with people, pursue and research real-life interests, and learn about the world – and then apply the newfound knowledge – the Internet can be an enabler of real lives.It’s only when going online replaces real world interactions and experiences that things get all screwy.I enjoy talking to everyone here, as long as everyone is respectful. If you request something, please tip with that request. Tip a token for your request and I will be more than happy to let you know what I would need from you, in order to give you what you're asking for. Stand Up- 25PM- 35 tokens Boob flash- 50 tokens Ass flash- 60 tokens Pussy flash- 75 tokens Oil tits/ass- 150 tokens Snap for a month- 222 tokens Snap for life- 555 tokens Insert buttplug- 600 tokens Instacum- 1000Tip 1009 to become my next tip king.Try taking a ten minute break for every 50 minutes of solid work. And even if you don’t, you won’t have wasted your break online.You’re gonna take breaks regardless; you might as well try to make them work for, and not against you. Use the Internet as an Enhancement of Real Life Above all else, the Internet is an incredibly powerful tool for connecting people and collating easily-accessible information.


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