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Then with the weapon of your choice shoot the cars until they are nearly on fire. Walk up to the garage again and you will notice that the cars are repaired.

To earn easy weapon skill, go and get any two cars and place them in your Grove St home garage.Drug dealers normally wear black jackets and stand still waiting for people to talk to them.Kill as many as you can find to build up your cash stash quickly.Date the girlfriends indicated below for the indicated reward.Head out behind your house in Los Santos and go down into the aqueduct.To earn some easy weapon skill, go and practice with an AK-47 before starting this mission until you reach Gangster level.Then while in the mission, blast on as many cop cars and bikes as possible.To check your progress with weapon skill, switch to the weapon that you want to check and then go to STATS in the menu and then go down to WEAPONS.The number there is how many skill points you have. mehr Aufgrund der Förderung des deutsch-ukrainischen Tandemprogramms durch "MEET UP!Deutsch-ukrainische Jugendbegegnungen" der Stiftung "Erinnerung, Verantwortung, Zukunft" (EVZ) war es möglich, aus den höchst informativen Berichten der deutschen und ukrainischen Studierenden ein E-Book für unterschiedliche Reader-Versionen zu erstellen.


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