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Lithuania dating london

The Proto-Balto-Slavic languages branched off directly from Proto-Indo-European, then sub-branched into Proto-Baltic and Proto-Slavic.Proto-Baltic branched off into Proto-West Baltic and Proto-East Baltic. According to some glottochronological speculations, the Eastern Baltic languages split from the Western Baltic ones between AD 400 and 600.Jonas Jablonskis (1860–1930) made significant contributions to the formation of the standard Lithuanian language.

Hydronyms and archeology analysis show that the Slavs started migrating to the Baltic areas east and north-east directions in the 6-7th centuries, before then, the Baltic and Slavic boundary was south of the Pripyat River.

For an introductory guide on IPA symbols, see Help: IPA.) is a Baltic language spoken in the Baltic region.

It is the language of Lithuanians and the official language of Lithuania as well as one of the official languages of the European Union.

As the capital of Lithuania and the country's largest city, Vilnius certainly has a lot to offer.

From historic sites to picturesque streets, and amazing architecture, it’s hard to keep this wonderful city out of your bucket list.


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