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You would use the controller to fly the copter around in a circle and have it swoop down to retrieve items or figures with the hook beneath the helicopter. Seven guns in one, which included: Grenade Launcher, Anti-Tank Rocket Launcher, Anti Bunker Missile Launcher, Armor Piercing Shell, Rifle fires 10 Bullets, Slide Bolt Action Machine Gun, Detachable Cap Pistol which fires shells. I still have my original gun from the set I had as a kid. Contains shell-firing pistol with attachments: stock, scope, silencer - which all converts into a rifle.

Mattel made several versions, mostly with a rescue theme. Secret message decoder, code book with booby trap, wallet, passport, currency and business cards.

- Featured motorized wiper blade, beeping horn and directional signal lights. Topper Toys made many different cooking toys under the name Suzy Homemaker. Most items plugged into the household outlet to operated lights such as the oven, dish washer, grill, or the corn popper which really worked.

With the sinks and dishwasher - you could actually pump water through them!

Marx was famous for it's fabulous, detailed play sets! It was battery operated and used short strips of cartoon cels with narration written on them, set in cardboard so that they could slide in & out of the front of projector.

They made many dating back into the 1950s up to the 1970s. Terrific sets with tin litho buildings and miniature figures, weapons and vehicles. The light was behind the slides and you could focus the lens in front.

I guess to protect the hinges or to keep them from rubbing against the insert? The object is to roll the ball in the center of him. They came in the smaller 3" junior version - or the larger 7" version as shown in my photo.

I remember this circus type box and there were 5 different animals available: Cat, Poodle, Bear, Lion and Monkey. You can also control the power or thrust of the fan.There was also another set called the Mary Mag Powrs Magic Dollhouse Doll House, which was basically the same but also included a dog and cat with the family. Large 24" Battery Operated Motorized Waterproof Motor Frogman. Includes: Adjustable Ballast, Snorkel, Air Hose, Face Mask, Depth Gauge Watch, Weight Belt, Knife, Flashlight, Spear Gun, Rifle, Helmet & Walkie Talkie. Sorry, I don't have a decent photo of the M&M Mouse House. Also, if you attach his special hat in the same hand and throw a coin in it - the electrical circuit is completed and he will skate forward. One problem with Clancy, When you find one that "works" it doesn't necessarily mean he will walk/skate forward.Early 70s cars with "ripcord" pulls that make the wheels go super fast. Elevator, swing, built in beds, cabinet, table, 2 chairs and 2 cheese slices. One of the many cool toy inventions by Marvin Glass. He originally came with 2 metal coins - which were plain metal "slugs" about the size of a half dollar coin. He has a special part in his leg that makes him actually skate forward, but over time, this thin rubber part would disintegrate and crumble - and he won't go forward (he will just skate in place).-Great Garloo - Clackers, Klick Klacks, Klackers - Zippy Chimp, Mr.Bim - Johnny Reb Cannon - Inchworm & Ride On Toys - Magnetic Garage or Dollhouse - Frogman US Navy Commando - SSP Racers - Mattel Pull String Yackers - Elly & Andy, Mr & Mrs. You can pull the ring in his shoulder to open and close his hand.You could create moving changing pictures with fascinating "Volcanic Action". Originally came with 2 cars, cloths, cans of wax, signs. The water tank above had a switch hanging below it - the passing car would move it & release the water.Sponges on the rollers would usually disintegrate over time.These is a hidden dagger that slides in the one side. Case can be booby trapped to explode (fire a cap) if opened incorrectly - and it will shoot a shell when you press secret trigger.Originally the case came with a piece of black tape in the inside of each hinge of the case. These were cars that you wound up and let go - when it crashed against something, you could just put them together and start all over again.Of course, you can still buy Tootsie Rolls today to use! You make the pretzel mix and shape it into the molds on the conveyor belt, turn crank slowly to allow pretzels to cook in the "oven" with light bulb. Pieces inside were: 1 Paper Play mat, 12 - 1" Trolls, 10 animals, 12 trees-bushes and hedges which included coconuts you attached on the palm trees, fishing pole, 2 gray small barrels, 3 kegs, 2 tree stumps, 2 brown fences, 4 blue walls, "wild horses canyon" sign, gray table, wagon, 16 rock formations, house, hut and 2 part cave.Set came with mix, paper holders, utensils, mustard container shaped like a man and instructions. Kenner made some great toys but one of their most popular was the Give A Show Projector.


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