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Dating noritake china

Kure, Japan 1946 My father fought alongside the British Army in WWII and on his way home to Australia via Japan, at the beginning of the US Occupation there, he thought his mother would like an authentic Japanese tea set. A 15 piece (6 combination cups and saucers) tea set bought in Kure, Japan in 1946. Noritake Collectors Guild - the Worlds largest Free Backmarks Knowledge Library for reference material to Noritake, Nippon Toki Kaisha, Royal Crockery RC Backstamps.Keely Brown has been a feature writer, arts critic, columnist and business writer since 1998.

Fakes also sometimes have a paper "Made in China" label, which unscrupulous dealers often remove.

Pieces pre-dating 1911 will not have the “Noritake” mark.

Check for telltale signs that the piece may be a reproduction.

In 1878, the Japanese import company Morimura Brothers began distributing plain pieces of unpainted china, known as “blanks,” to be hand decorated by skilled artisans throughout Japan.

These early pieces had back stamp markings consisting of the traditional Japanese "Kanji" characters for "Nippon" (the Japanese name for Japan), as well as the word "Nippon" spelled out in English.


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