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Thank you, Noreen I have been contacted by many people who follow my website asking for me to post something concerning the kidnapping of the two boys in Missouri.I feel a great deal of compassion for both boys and their families after what has happened to them. NYCPD Detective is an expert in the field of investigation of pedophile activity and crimes against children. Rothstein has been investigating Johnny's case for over ten years and has written a very comprehensive report on the ORGANIZED PEDOPHILIA AND THE CRIMINAL EXPLOITATION OF CHILDREN, which we no know as .

The international investigation dated back to August 2006 until the ringleader’s sentencing Monday.

In July 2004, 54 people from Yulin city in Guangxi region were convicted of trafficking 118 girls between 20.

Two people from Yulin were sentenced to death over that case and more than 100 outside Guangxi were convicted, of whom at least one was executed, state press reports at the time said.

As part of the National Missing Children Day we have created a dedication feature for all children.

Use this to pin up a ribbon or flowers for a missing child anywhere in the world. Please take the above link and pass it around to as many places as you can, lets all offer our wishes and prayers to those still missing.


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