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Dating 101 basics

Don't even think of calling their customer support phone line; you won't find one. Add more e-mail advertising filling up your mailbox - at least once a week. So, let's pretend you go ahead and sign on with a free dating site.

Besides fewer features and virtually no customer service, the free sites do give you something: banner advertisement pop-ups and pop-unders. And in case you want more - they may sell your personal information to big advertising networks. Next thing you know - you find someone interesting.

And when you find a member you like, you have several ways to communicate besides e-mail, such as instant messaging or even webcam chatting.

Perhaps the best feature of a paid dating site is a subtle one.

And this person could have done it all just to convince you to meet in person. Now, not everyone who does this intends to hurt or harm you, but too often, that is exactly what he or she means to do.

If you were to meet someone from a free dating site and you were to be robbed or otherwise assaulted, what information about your date can you tell the police?

Since there are no fees that must be paid to use the dating service, this person could be virtually anybody.

Go for a coffee, tea, half-calf low-fat hold the sugar latte, heck take a trip on the wild side and enjoy an ice cream cone. You've got instant access to millions of potential love matches. Over the past few years, the free online dating industry has simply exploded. Then a few clicks with your mouse, and you're on your way.On the other hand, the paid sites do cost money, but they certainly have their own advantages: your fee grants access to a site that's optimized for a better user experience.And you can also expect certain general security measures to be in place.But maybe most important - you won't find responsive customer service.And that means no one ready to answer your questions.The free sites have an obvious advantage - no fees.But there can be many drawbacks just under their fee-free surface.Swearing: Who doesn’t love a bit of well-placed profanity? Alcohol: While tequila may be your lady, do not bring her with you on your initial rendezvous.A good swear word can truly take a conversation up a notch. A first date is really a discovery meeting, allowing someone to get a better sense of who you are. As the conversation builds you will quickly discover if your date also shares an affinity for the profane. Going for a drink is a nice idea, it will help quell any nervousness that either you or your date may share.


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