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What I’ve found in my studies is that big words can scare people away.I’ve learned this through first hand experience because well.. So when you see a word like “Triperspectivalism” I get that you’re probably turned off right away but when we break it down it’s super simple.The Existential perspective is more straight forward.This perspective deals with the subjectivity of the human experience. We all have different personalities, and indeed we are all unique snow flakes, as soft as that sounds.When we learn and experience things we will all end up having slightly different feelings and unique perspectives.This theory, taken alone leads to postmodernism, subjectivism, and extreme skepticism.They seek to find certainty through axioms and deductions in their conceptual systems of thought.But Rationalism has failed over and over because it can’t give us knowledge about ourselves or the reality we inhabit.

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Empiricism is a theory of knowledge that basically says we can only gain knowledge through our five senses.Empiricisms’ sweeping implications cannot be justified by it’s own theory of knowledge and thus is self-refuting.While empirical data is extremely helpful, if we reduce all knowledge to empirical data then we can’t know that theory of knowledge to be true.My goal in writing this blog is to introduce my readers to John Frame’s theory of knowledge.In future posts I’ll be using this theory (or as he says, his “Theology Of Knowledge”) so I want you to become familiar with it, also I think it’s a truly unique and beautiful tool to use in everyday life.We are born blank slates without any prior knowledge or innate concepts, it’s concerned with “a posteriori” (Latin: “from the latter) knowledge and probability rather than certainty.Empiricists deal with the inductive rather than the deductive.When I get all fired up about stuff I have to talk about it, so in order to keep my head from exploding i’m sharing these concepts with you.The first concept is called Triperspectivalism (tri-perspec-tie-vul-ism) as coined by Professor John Frame and the second is called The Golden Triangle of Freedom as coined by the Social Critic, Os Guinness.Even more specifically, it’s a philosophical theory of knowledge based on biblical support that looks at life through three perspectives: the Normative perspective, the Situational perspective and the Existential perspective.When you see “Normative” think Norms, standards, rules, guiding principles, laws, logic, reason.


  1. Oct 21, 2016. I chose to use the Golden Triangle of Freedom to demonstrate Frame's theory because the election is coming up and many American's, including myself, have lost. So when you see a word like “Triperspectivalism” I get that you're probably turned off right away but when we break it down it's super simple.

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