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Updating symantec antivirus for vista

As updates to Symantec Anti Virus 10.2 are released, they are added as sections in this document.

The sections are added in chronological order, with the most recent additions at the top.

When Auto-Protect is running on IA64 clients, saving the EICAR test string to a file causes the client computer to crash Fix ID: 1415889 Symptom: Auto-Protect detection of the file crashes the computer.

Solution: This version of Auto-Protect does not exhibit this problem.

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Auto-Protect is not working on IA64 systems Fix ID: 1301308 Symptom: Auto-Protect detecting a viral file causes the client computer to stop responding.application error, "The instruction at "0x00419201" referenced memory.The memory could not be read." Fix ID: 1429103 Symptom: When creating a Windows 2000 image to deploy, an RTVscan error occurs upon shutdown of the computer.Solution: When building up the virus info packet, Auto-Protect was not ensuring that the sub-packets are aligned on a four-byte boundary. Explorer stops responding when attempting to create files or changing permissions on files Fix ID: 1402630 Symptom: On file or directory permission change or file creation, the system displays the hourglass cursor, and the system becomes non-responsive.Solution: Changed the Auto-Protect component which updates the flag used during permission changes.This application automatically detects all the compatible applications and is able to update them without any additional user input.Briefly put, it scans your computer and it recognizes all the updates available for your products, then it installs them.Note: To download the latest release of Symantec Anti Virus, read the following document: Windows Security Center indicates that Symantec Anti Virus is not reporting its status Fix ID: 1796075 Symptoms: Windows Security Center reports that Virus Protection is on, but is reporting its status to Windows Security Center in a format that is no longer supported.Solution: Symantec Anti Virus was updated to properly update its status to the Windows Security Center.Live Update is unable to apply new definitions on IA64 agent Fix ID: 1407258 Symptom: The endpoint is able to download the latest definitions but they are not applied to the client.Within the user interface, the Virus Definition File field does not update. This version contains the latest virus definitions, which resolves this problem.


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