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Dating don vito

Granello told [girl] that he would take her to consult the specialist in NYC on June 11 last.

However, in the event his chauffeur was unable to pick her up he gave her for bus fare to NYC.

One of the enduring myths about the Mafia is that it respects women and children.

However, for several years boss Vito Genovese protected one of his top earners Salvatore "Sally Burns" Granello who allegedly raped multiple underage girls.

Granello and Levine also were hooked up with the Teamsters Union Pension Fund, and they would collect origination fees or "green payments" from borrowers on loans they arranged through it.

One source said Granello and Levine "would be involved in anything that would produce money." Granello had hidden interests in dozens of bars, clubs and restaurants allegedly including the Café de Paris at 53rd and Broadway and the Latin Quarter on 48th Street both of which were owned by Lou Walters (as in the father of news presenter Barbara Walters).

Following disclosure of the alleged rape by [girl] to [her boyfriend] the latter suggested that she advise her parents and thereafter, [girl's] mother advised the NYS police.

[Girl] was examined on the evening of June 11 by Doctor [name redacted] Greenwood Lake, New York, who acknowledged that [girl] had sexual relations but was unable to determine the time or previous chastity of [girl] due to the lapse of time since the occurrence.

On June 10 last, Granello called [girl] and requested her to meet him at his summer residence.One informant stated that Granello "had sexually assaulted a 15 year old girl at Greenwood Lake, New Jersey, sometime between May and August, 1959," and "the subject is supposed to have paid the girl's father ,000.00 in order to compromise the alleged rape." The family of another 15-year-old victim filed a criminal complaint against Granello in June 1963 but the local judge dismissed it on July 19 for "lack of corroboration" notwithstanding physical evidence that the child was sexually penetrated.The incident is detailed in a June 13, 1963 FBI memorandum: Subject [Granello] acquainted with [girl] approximately five years and latter is an associate of subject's children.The girl gave birth to a son, and as years passed it was noted that the bastard child "supposedly resembles GRANELLO to a great extent." An informant told the FBI that Granello was "barred from the neighborhood due to the ill feeling which resulted from the affair," and "this restriction is being enforced by several underworld figures due to the attitude of the local population." The neighborhood ban on Granello was not long-standing because an informant recounted his rape of another "young girl" in 1961 on the Lower East Side.Many of Granello's young victims were assaulted in Greenwood Lake, NY where the Genovese mobster spent his summers at a lakefront bungalow he owned.[Girl] suffers from nerve injury in her back and currently under medical treatment.Granello has discussed with [girl] and her parents the possibility of consulting a NYC specialist re her physical condition.Thereafter, Granello allegedly had intercourse with her.[Girl] advised investigating officers that she was too frightened to protest at the time, but later advised her boyfriend, [name redacted] of the occurrence.On July 1, 1965 an informant "advised that the subject was in trouble somewhere in the New Jersey area for the alleged rape of a young girl": "He stated that this situation came about while GRANELLO was dating the girl's mother, he apparently started 'fooling around' with the daughter.At this point, the mother was the one who screamed 'rape.'" At least some Genovese mobsters were not so thrilled to have a notorious pedophile among their ranks, and "on July 8, 1963 [informant] advised that he recently learned that SALLY BURNS [Granello] is in trouble with the 'organization'" which was "disgusted with him because of these instances." Indeed, the informant stated that Granello very well may get whacked over the child rapes: [Informant] reported that BURNS [Granello] will definitely have all of his power in the "organization" taken away and he will be extremely fortunate if he is not killed in the process.


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