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Laguna beach singles dating guide kerry kennedy dating now

She wanted her matchmaking to lead to 200 marriages.

(So far, she takes credit for five.) The way you build a matchmaking business, Bergquist said, is to find the right women.

In the business of bringing two people together for over 15 years, matchmaking has not only been Julia's work, but part of her daily life as well.

She has always taken the time to make a deep connection with every person she's come in contact with, making it a priority to remember each one.

But the club didn’t prosper, and it closed quickly.

What To Expect: Meet quality people in a friendly environment during our two-hour mixer. Receive 20% off a three month membership for just attending! Where: Hacienda On The Lake, 27792 Vista Del Lago, Mission Viejo, CA 92692.“Toni is helping me find love by mostly helping bring down my walls and opened my eyes that there really are good guys out there.” Bergquist said one of her clients is a well-known billionaire in Orange County (”Everyone would know his name”). He was one of the nicest, most loyal, funniest, most successful guys. Bergquist knows the billionaire and the brokenhearted woman would be perfect for each other. “He acts like the millionaire next door,” she said, making him sound almost quaint. He’s got a real soulful spirit.” She tried to set him up with six different woman. “It was beautiful people jet-setting around the world,” she said.“I wanted to be the best matchmaker in Orange County.” She had a difference of opinion with management, and that job didn’t last either. The Agency launched in July 2013 with a lofty goal.“I realized I could help singles by giving them hope,” she said.She got her first job as a matchmaker with Elite Connections in 2012.Bergquist says she now has about 150 women on her roster who are looking for love. When she told him she was a matchmaker, he dismissed her profession. “We fought about everything and nothing,” she said. She’s consuming her time with trying to find love for other people so she doesn’t have to think as much about not having love herself. Her personal battle with love may have made her a better matchmaker. Burn the checklist of what you think you need in a relationship. Look for love in your own age group, and try to find someone with similar life experiences. The Agency does not shy away from the requirement: Its members must be, in Bergquist’s opinion, good looking and wealthy. He said he was dating twice a week, and never thought he needed help. “Her divorce has probably helped her grow more personally,” one client said. “Without someone to share it with, it’s just stuff.” 3. But the more he thought about it “the more I realized I’ve struggled meeting the RIGHT person.” He became a member of The Agency. I went from a skeptic to a huge supporter.” One woman client said Bergquist has been an enthusiastic guide through the difficult world of love. “She is finding herself and probably has more of an understanding of what it’s like to be single and looking for love.” Since her divorce, Bergquist has had opportunities for love and dated someone for six months. Love requires that you increase your emotional intelligence. “Toni gets to understand a deeper level of her clients,” he said. “I think Toni is good at what she does because she really believes in love and loves to bring people together,” the woman said. “She had been in an emotionally abusive relationship,” Bergquist said. But so far, she hasn’t reached the point she wants to be.


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