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Dating your teacher college Free ladise sexxy chat

Is it possible that a relationship with a TA or a professor could end well?

“Unfortunately, there are TAs and professors with poor boundaries and a need to feel powerful, admired, and attractive at the expense of students,” Orlov says.

They are “taking advantage of young women with less power, life experience, and ability to set clear and healthy boundaries.” Julie Kleinhans, a radio show host and life coach for teens and young adults, says that the feeling of being dominant to a student can be a reason why professors and TAs have relationships with students.

“Every situation is different, but for a lot of men, it might be that sense of control: having certain power over the younger female, having a sense of, ‘if I have this relationship with you, then I can determine your grades,’” she says.

Student/professor affairs are nothing new; Martin Heidegger and John Nash (the subject of A Beautiful Mind) both had infamous relationships with students.

Similarly, in 2010, UNC-Chapel Hill professor Monty Cook resigned after it was discovered that he had been sexting with a student.


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