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Ratiometric dating

Sedimentary rock is composed of the weathered remains of a variety of rocks of all ages.It would therefore only be possible to date specific components of a sample, none of which would equate to the age of the sedimentary rock as a unit.

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The most common way to fluorescently tag proteins in living cells is mutants EGFP is the best because of its high quantum yield, its low tendency of photobleaching as well as its relative photostability during post-bleach image acquisition.

Thus, these three types of resolution must be balanced against the desired capabilities and objectives of the sensor.

The number of digital values possible in an image is equal to the number two (2 - for binary codings in a computer) raised to the exponent of the number of bits in the image (i.e. The number of values in a 6-bit image would be equal to 26 = 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 = 64.

Thus, the radiometric resolution would be much less.

Image data are generally displayed in a range of grey tones, with black representing a digital number of 0 and white representing the maximum value (for example, 255 in 8-bit data).


  1. Radiometric dating evidence. The blood and the bacteria are not "big" enough to overturn the assumptive date progresson and any ratiometric dates are.

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