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Online dating service lawton oklahoma

Far from wishing to marry into the Royal Family, or having any romantic interest in the new Duke, Elizabeth was in love with his womanising equerry, Captain the Honourable James Stuart.

Sitting in a box, transfixed by the beauty of this young star, was a 24-year-old royal prince who had no reason on that night to suspect that, 16 years later, in circumstances unprecedented in the nation's history, he would become Britain's most reluctant monarch and also the last Emperor of India.

Lady Hardinge, one of the Queen Mother's closest friends, said that Elizabeth had 'an amused acceptance' of her husband's worship of Laye.

'Whenever Boo walked onto a stage, Queen Elizabeth would tease him by saying: "Bertie, here comes your girlfriend!

'She found it rather touching, and trusted absolutely in Boo's discretion.' Laye's caution with regard to any discussion of the matter was maintained until her death in 1996.

She forbade any mention of it in her ghostwritten autobiography, Boo, To My Friends, published in 1958, which contains only one reference to the King.


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