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His detailed calculations cover over 100 pages in the original document.Nowhere in your Bible does it say that the day of creation was October 23.Dates in secular history become more certain with the founding of the Medo-Persian Empire.

In fact, before the Persian Empire (approximately the sixth to third centuries BC) very little is known from any source about Greek, Roman and Egyptian history or the history of other nations; much rests on speculation and myths.

Because the Jews and many other ancient peoples started their year in the autumn, Ussher assumed there must be a good reason for it.

He therefore concluded that God created the world in the autumn.

After consulting astronomical tables, he picked the first Sunday on or after the autumnal equinox to begin the year 4004 BC.

But the equinox occurs around September 21, not October 23.


  1. LSM adopts Ussher’s Outdated Chronology dating Mankind’s Origin at 4004 BC. In 1650 James Ussher 1581—1656 the Anglican Archbishop of Ireland.

  2. Ussher's Date for World's. The most famous was undoubtedly that made by Bishop James Ussher in. The work is a detailed chronology and dating of.

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