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Shout if you want me to list the accompanying "via" blind . I also seem to recall the 10 deckers from 1961 did not have coloured blinds and after 1961, then single deckers mainly “ruled” and without coloured blinds.

Meanwhile, in 1955 there had been changes to the routes/colours and for example, the ‘red’ Hawcoat now went to Newbarns and the ‘red’ Shore now went to Rainey Park; so, both the new destys of Newbarns and Rainey Park were then black and white. such as Dockyard, or were shorts to common destinations that were shared with other coloured blinds routes (so the use of a colour could be confusing) or, were the two non-City longer routes to Ulverston (that were not former tram routes and not in the coloured blind scheme).

Portsmouth Corporation had a route 143 whose suffixes went from A to F.

The higher the letter, the shorter part of the route travelled.

It is believed to have been delivered new to Sheffield Joint Omnibus Committee in 1932 as their no. Its next known appearance was with what was said to be an Allsopp coach body, and what appeared to be a "Covrad" conversion, which may or may not have been in connection with the fitting of an oil engine, with Blake of Delabole in Cornwall in November 1941.

In later years, only the red or blue blinds seemed to be in use.

Doncaster CT ran two trolleybus routes on the eastern side, one to Beckett Road and one to Wheatley Hills.

The two buses always ran together, nose to rear through the town centre until, I assume, the routes divided.

This is in the era of the 1960s, possibly into the 1970s. Bournemouth used coloured via blinds – a blue background for when the service ran "via Old Christchurch Road", and a red background for when the service ran "via Bath and Westover Roads" – services had these two alternative routes near the town centre.

In addition, a green background was used for services "via the Central Station", or "via Ashley Road", whilst an orange background was used for the "via Brassey Road" routes.


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