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I particularly love the camaraderie and competition involved, but also look to balance that intensity with a mindful yoga class, spin, or go on a nice daybreak run on the off days.” “Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest (affectionately coined the PNW or Upperleft USA) I grew up spending the vast majority of my recreational time outdoors.

To this day, I focus so much better and am entirely more productive when I press “Pause” on work to get out and do something active.

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They are fun and we easily obsess about them because they are our escape from the stress and pressure of startup life. In the startup life, every minute of every day counts.The idea of the journey being the objective is something that is implicit in yoga, and this embodies a amazing ability to be patient and focus on the long term.With all the success stories that seem to happen overnight, there is an element of impatience in startups that can distract teams from the long term.” “As the president and founder of a growing crowdfunding startup, a newlywed and father of a 17 month old daughter, finding free time is tough. It’s free(which is always nice) and it allows me to enjoy nature playing on one of the many disc golf courses Charlotte, NC has to offer.Another major hobby of mine is cooking with the same approach I take with organic marijuana cultivation.I try to use only organic, health-conscious cooking methods, as well as the best natural ingredients.I’m not one to take life too seriously and it’s a fun side project I enjoy outside of running my own business.” “Playing guitar and vocals with a few bands.I’m currently a member in some fashion with around 4 different music projects which range from cover bands (the Doors, the Grateful Dead), to wedding bands (solo as well as full bands), and Irish Folk band, as well as an original family band I play with in Brooklyn.” “Even though I enjoy every water support out there from diving to windsurfing, my favorite all time hobby is paddle boarding.I rock climb in the evenings 3 times a week, try to fit in yoga either in the morning or at lunch about 5 days a week, and when I’m not working or traveling I love to get out on the rivers for an early morning of fly fishing.” “Being Dutch, I grew up learning a lot about sailing and I would call myself a sailing man.Sailing is all about knowing where you want to go and figuring out how to get there- it’s a lot like founding and running a business.It is a moment where I can enjoy everything that’s around me from dolphins, turtles and manatees swimming next to me.” “I collect original comic book art from the Silver Age of Marvel fandom.I have collected since the 80’s when I was in elementary school.


  1. May 29, 2015. A user looking for that knowledge can send up to three anonymous "brain date" invites to fellow users. If one of them accepts the invitation, the app prompts both parties to meet at the event's "Brain Dating" lounge. For more information, visit Check out our latest video series, How-To Tip.

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