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The song was written about Britt Ekland who Rod had a live in relationship with from March of 1975 to October 1977. Some days passed and Rod tried to reconcile Britt's hurt by announcing at the dinner table of the restaurant they were dining in that he wrote a song about her,then proceeded to sing the chorus in her ear: "You're in my heart. Look at the lyrics: "The big bosomed lady with the Dutch accent" was disguised as a reference to British actress Susan George,who Rod at the time was suspected of being with.

In her book True Britt, she wrote that in late summer 1977 she and Stewart had not been getting along. A British interviewer,who sat down with Rod for a BBC interview (You can view it on You Tube) where Rod agrees with the interviewer after being told that he wrote a lovely song about Britt and his response was "Yes I did" but quickly adds " Moving on..." Mystery solved.

The 'Maggie May' singer, who dated the former Bond girl for two years from 1975 to 1977, revealed in his autobiography He said: "We were very intimate, very quickly. In the early heat of our relationship we spent a lot of time having sex in a Malibu beach house that belonged to another former husband, Lou Adler."Later, during enforced spells of separation, Britt would send me love notes in packages that often contained a pair of knickers."Although they enjoyed a racy relationship, Stewart claimed that the pair were very romantic with each other and she taught him about the world of art. It was Britt who taught me how to look."However, he added that he began to "drift off" when things got more serious."I started drifting off, just disappearing and not coming home, only to find Britt waiting up and asking, 'Where have you been?When he sang the song at Wembley stadium in the mid 90s he said it was about the Scotland football team, there was also a video of the Scotland team scoring goals against England playing in the back ground as he was singing the song.There seems to be some confusion that the "big bosomed lady with the Dutch accent" refers to Britt Ekland.The lyrics are referring to another woman that tried to take him away from Brit ("tried to change his point of view"). It seems to me that the "big-bosomed lady with the Dutch accent" sure may refer to her; but the next line says her "ad-libbed lines were well-rehearsed, but my heart cries out for you." So the "you" seems to be someone OTHER than the "big-bosomed lady.So is there someone in his life that pre-dated and also post-dated Eklund?In Britt Ekland's book, she mentions Rod coming in one morning and mentioning that he was up all night writing a song about her, then he sang "You're in my heart, You're in my soul." Don't know if it was fabricated, but it's in her book "True Britt".I remember being a student when this was released, and being Scottish, we all thought it was about Rod's one true love, his adopted country - Scotland.I think he feels a bit of guilt over cheating on her and part controlled animosity for her subsequently trying to sue him for 12 million dollars.(They settled out of court for an undisclosed amount). The album, Footloose And Fancy Free plus the song were released after the breakup. For a long time he said that the song isn't about any particular woman,then he said it was about soccer.'" he recalled."Britt thought that she and I were headed for marriage.Yet I knew all along, deep down, that I wasn't anywhere near wanting to settle.


  1. May 7, 2010. She'll discuss her childhood in Sweden, her doomed marriage aged 21 to Peter Sellers, relationships with Lou Adler and Rod Stewart, and her second marriage to Slim Jim Phantom of the Stray Cats. When all that's done she'll come up to date talking about her mother's death from Alzheimer's before.

  2. Stewart wrote this love song when he was dating the Swedish actress Britt Ekland; they were together from 1975-1977. Stewart said, "It wasn't totally about Britt. it could of been anybody I met in that period - and there were a lot of them." This statement may have been influenced by the $12.5 million lawsuit Ekland filed.

  3. In 1976 she provided the French spoken part at the end of then boyfriend Rod Stewart's hit single "Tonight's the Night Gonna Be Alright". Ekland also portrayed biographical characters, such as the one based on real-life actress Anny Ondra boxer Max Schmeling's wife in the television movie Ring of Passion 1978.

  4. Dec 21, 1981. In 1979 Rod Stewart was brazenly asking the world Do Ya Think I'm Sexy? and, in case anybody doubted, he. That liaison lasted two and a half years, after which Ekland published her all-holds-bared memoir, True Britt. Rod. Later one of Stewart's satraps called Alana to ask for a date for Rod.

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