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Radiocarbon dating dvd

I don’t say that, but I say that with the current techniques of dating the earth are so unreliable that it’s hard to say with any accuracy how old the earth is.

It is conceivable that materials on earth could be 4 and 1/2 billion years old, but that doesn’t tell you the date of the formation of the earth.

It’s conjecture on conjecture, supposition on supposition, very rational but still conjectures.

It’s ironic that Darwinists have acted this century like the theory is conclusive, but there is no conclusive evidence of Darwinism.

The Ohio coal seem in the United States, the rank of coal increases as the coal goes further and further underground, there as the pressure increases.” “Now if coal can be produced relatively rapidly, what about the other rocks on the earth’s surface, perhaps they could form rapidly as well.” “This is one thing that orthodox geologists wouldn’t accept.

Why would they choose the 4.5 billion years over the couple of 100 thousand?

And, the answer to that is, in order to make Darwinism work, you have to have billions of years of time for natural selection to take place in.

The earth could have been formed much later than that.

Darwin’s theory of Evolution is essentially a theory about time…


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