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Garrett hedlund and lindsay lohan dating

Specifically, she seemed to have her eyes on Max George (and at the time she was even accused of assaulting a woman in a club over him). And she may have been turned away when she tried to get backstage (she says she wasn't). I said, ‘Just call me your prince of Persia.' Adam Levine: Lindsay supposedly briefly dated Adam Levine at one point.

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Wilmer Valderrama: Lindsay and Wilmer dated for "like a year and a half" in 2004. Nico Tortorella: Lindsay and Nico are old friends (and she calls him just that: a friend).They should be so grateful that she ever hooked up with them at all.Somehow, Lindsay Lohan is at the center of a sex list scandal that for all intents and purposes doesn't seem as scandalous as we'd expect.Chock full of stars from Adam Levine and James Franco to normals/unknowns like Brian @ GPA and Riley S., Lohan's fuck list went viral, capturing the attention and hearts of America—much like the star herself has always continued to do, even in her tougher times.In an interview with , on the eve of her 30th birthday, Lohan says she has no regrets. I can’t turn back time." To celebrate Lindsay's 30 years that have graced us with great films, gossip, and this perfect list, we took a look at where the men of Lindsay Lohan's fuck list are today.Colin Farrell: Lindsay and Colin were spotted partying together a number of times in 2004.In response to 's story, Colin's rep said they "ignore gossip older than nine years old." Which…isn't really denying it?Then, in 2010, theymay have been spotted at club Voyeur together. (a "photographer-turned-entrepreneur") both attended a retrospective for painter Richard Hambleton in 2011. Jamie Dornan: And before he was Christian Grey too!Lukas Haas: In 2009, Lindsay reportedly hung out with Leonardo Di Caprio and his best friend Lukas Haas at Voyeur (are you sensing a pattern? Rumors circulated that she might be dating Leo, to which Lohan apparently told Gossip Cop, "Hahahaha. In 2006, Jamie was rumored to have had a "fling" with Lindsay. Zac Efron: Lindsay and Zac both sprung forth from the loins of Disney, but surprisingly were never linked. They have certainly run into each other multiple times, like when she presented him with the Breakthrough Performance Award at the 2008 MTV Movie Awards (it was for premiere, he said she is "the best. He is a singer and fashion model who once dated Kate Moss.Justin Timberlake: In 2009, Lindsay and Justin were allegedly both at Avenue Lounge in New York and afterwards Lindsay tweeted (then deleted) "where's jb cheater?" (JB = Jessica Biel, Timberlake's girlfriend at the time).


  1. December 2, 2011 -- Are Kirsten Dunst and Garrett Hedlund dating? The two are allegedly Hollywood's newest couple. Have they been secretly getting close? According to Perez Hilton, Kirsten Dunst and Garrett Hedlund have been spending a lot of time together, and have been spotted in Silverlake, C. more. 5.

  2. May 9, 2007. Lindsay Lohan Interviewed By Mom Dina Lindsay Lohan in Jill Stuart attends the NY premiere of Georgia Rule at the Ziegfeld Theatre on Tuesday with co-stars Garrett Hedlund, Felicity Huffman and Jane

  3. Mar 13, 2014. Garrett Hedlund is currently in a relationship with Kirsten Dunst but not engaged, people. Prior to this, he may. Lindsay Lohan's mother Dina claims that she was dating Heath Ledger just before he tragically died of an overdose in 2008, which we were surprised to learn at the time. The actor had also.

  4. Mar 12, 2014. More than just co-stars? Lindsay starred opposite Garrett Hedlund in 2007 film Georgia Rule. The Mean Girls star was also rumoured to be dating ex-football player Matt Nordgren at the end of last year after the pair were spotted spending time together over New York Fashion Week. Her colourful love life.

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