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We are realizing that it is almost impossible to delete information, whether accurate and volunteered by us, or false and posted solely to hurt us.As we recognize that all the content that we have generated and the online record or our lives that has been created will forever sit there, waiting to be googled, we are admitting that the fight for privacy is a lost cause and that, against Big Data, we don’t stand a chance. Oneida Lake webcam in the News Channel 9 WSYR Storm Team Forecast, 4/2/2010.Rescue on Oneida Lake 3/13/2010 from News Channel 9: Click here for story.When we no longer control the details that make us who we are, from our favorite vacation spots to our kids’ names, health histories and “last four”, our independence and personhood, with the healthy distance that these terms imply from others, are also diminished.

Am a Syracuse gal ,now in FL and my Grammy lived in BB for a time- Oneida Lake was/remains a warm and wet Memory of my 70 years. I check for the snow levels on your fence, and the windy waves coming ashore---look for a lawn bench, and now for the day the dock and boat are in. Thank you for your committed reliability in maintaining this window to " Back Home".I was just looking around at all the web cam's and found this one in Cleveland NY I use to live there and wish i still did i live down near Houston Tx, now and do wish i was home there in Cleveland NY looking at the lake in person instead of on a web cam from my computer But many thanks for putting this cam up so i can see how Beautiful it is and just remind me how much i do really miss it up home Texas is big and there is some nice places here But nothing as Beautiful as Cleveland NY Thank's again EVERY DAY A DIFFERENT PICTURE OF THE LAKE. ) Fishing, ice fishing, water skiing, swimming off the end of a moonlit, handmade wooden dock. They have been identified as Trumpeter Swans by my nephew who works with Cornell Lab of Ornithology - Cornell University. Our grass islands do have open water, hoping no snowmobilers venture out on unsafe ice this weekend.... I KNOW YOU'RE NOT READY FOR SNOW BUT EVEN THAT I FIND THE BEAUTY.We would have to bring in gallons of city water until finally sunk a well with the help of a local dowser with a willow witch. I truly enjoy the web cam; it keeps me close to home even if I am away. SITTING HERE IN MY LAZYBOY CHAIR ENJOYING THE DARK SKY MOVING IN OVER THE LAKE AND THE WAVES WHILE THE SUN IS SHINING AND COLD AIR HAS HIT FLORIDA. THANK AGAIN FOR LETTING ME HANG OUT IN YOUR BACKYARD. I'VE SAVED SO MANY PICTURES OF THE LAKE FROM THIS SITE. I DON'T KNOW BUT I LOVE TO GO BACK AND LOOK AT THEM. IT'S GRAMP THAT WOULDN'T AGREE TO MOVE BACK FOR GOOD.I took a picture of them but I still could not see them that well! A cris-cross pattern would be even better, but interferes with your walking.The “Net” effect of some of our most advanced technologies has, counterintuitively, been amazingly regressive and counter-civilizational.You'll get delivery of The Roanoke Times every day and access to all of our digital content, including and the e Times at no additional charge.Plus for a limited time get 2017 Pizza Card ( Value) with your new subscription!Hi Granny Lou, I take my Mom for a ride on Lakeshore Dr to see the lake quite often. January 3, 2016 we saw 5 swans on the lake surrounded by a LOT of geese. As we sat there we saw what looked like a LOT more swans quite far out. Nancy :) I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW SWANS LANDED ON THE LAKE. YOUR CAM HAS BEEN THE FIRST THING I'VE CHECKED IN THE MORNING FOREVER. IT WON'T BE LONG BEFORE THE SNOW WILL START FALLING THERE. Todays view shows the dock covered with Mallards - what a mess they leave!This was in the area quite near the free park on Lakeshore. I can't imagine they were seagulls because they were too large! I've had good luck keeping them off the dock by stringing white cord between the dock supports along the edge of the dock. Interferes with their flying up, but doesn't always work.Thank you for reading 10 free articles on our site.You can return in 30 days for more, or for immediate access LOGIN to your account (included with your 7-day print subscription) or purchase a digital subscription: Thank you for reading 10 free articles on our site.


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  2. This site offers a live view of Oneida Lake updated every 30 seconds. Come here to check out the conditions before heading out for your favorite outdoor activity in the region. Join a discussion to share information about ice fishing, snowmobiling,

  3. Question. Kansas City how long does it take to charge the batteries for the first time? I've had one plugged into my phone so fast charger for 18 plus hours and the orange light is still on indicating that it's charging. 7 Answers. This question is for Ring - Spotlight Cam Wire-free 2-Pack - White. By Anonymous October 27.

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  5. Free webcam surveillance software Cameras are everywhere. It's likely that you have a few of them in your home and connected to your computer. For the most part, PC webcams are used to chat with friends over Skype or record YouTube drama-bombs, but they're not necessarily restricted to this. If you've ever lived in an.

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