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Updating active cells in vba

However, the importance of Excel’s VBA Range object doesn’t end with the above. They state that Excel’s VBA Range object is “probably the most frequently used object in Excel VBA”.

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When applied to a Worksheet object, all arguments must refer to ranges on that sheet.One of the first things you’ll have to learn in order to master Excel’s VBA Range object is how to refer to it.The following sections explain the most relevant rules you need to know in order to craft appropriate references.One final point which often catches people out when passing range objects as arguments to the Range property is that if you need to specify a worksheet object (which is good practice), you need to specify it for all of the Range/Cells properties you use. Would have saved me (and you) a bit of work if I ‘ad done that. You could probably use some of your answerers to me (and more sane versions of my questions! So this is wrong: because the two Cells properties do not have a worksheet specified. ) for doing something along the lines of spelling it out clearly the whole business of Dimensioning, Capturing and manipulating Ranges as Range Objects, Arrays of Values and Arrays of… Hence all of the following are valid: The Cells property will accept one or two arguments, with the second one being optional.When using only one argument, it must be a number which is an index from right to left then top to bottom.The following are all valid forms of syntax: – refers to C1 (row 1, column C) Both the Range and Cells properties can be applied to the Application and Worksheet Objects, as well as to Range objects.When applied to the Application object, the properties generally refer to the currently active sheet but if you pass a range name as the only argument, that range can be on a different worksheet.The first few sections cover the most basic way of referring to Excel’s VBA Range object: the Range property.This is also how the macro recorder generally refers to the Range object.


  1. Jul 1, 2016. Despite what others say, it is possible to change another cell with a VBA user-defined function. In other words, they don't want their copy of the cell to update when the target cell changes. Yes. Whatever cell the person has selected will automatically be overwritten with one of the pre-defined messages.

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