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Top ten intimidating dogs Aunties in online for chating

They hail from Bulgaria, and were originally used to guard livestock from thieves and wild animals.They’re a very popular breed within the United States and are still used to this day in Bulgaria.Fila Brasileiros develop strong bonds with their owners, so once properly trained, they’ll be a loyal guard dog for all of their days.

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Image Source The Rhodesian Ridgeback is has a bit of a statuesque stance, and is stalwart in appearance.

In the United States, a home burglary takes place every 12 to 15 seconds; but what can we do to protect ourselves?

Conventional alarm systems are a common approach, but another, possibly better solution is to adopt a guard dog.

Many people already know that best guard dogs will do their very best to protect the ones that they love and have bonded with, but which ones will provide the most reliable defense, keeping your family and your possessions safe?

Image Source The Fila Brasileiro breed tends to be very wary of strangers, which, when coupled with their enormous size, automatically makes them a fantastic guard dog.


  1. Jun 13, 2017. Are you looking for a great dog for protection? Some dogs have a natural ability to protect. These dog breeds are some of the best guard dogs out there. The large size of this breed is intimidating to intruders. However, the breed is naturally affectionate towards its family, making this an excellent.

  2. The fact that any dog can bite is not a novelty. However, the scariest dogs tend to do it more often than others. Although domestication and training have a great impact on any type of dog, some of their tendencies cannot be fully eliminated from their behavior. Contents. 1 Top 5 fearsome dog breeds; 2 The Doberman.

  3. Jun 16, 2017. CHECK OUT "10 Biggest Guard Dogs In The World" https//. What about pitbulls, pitbulls are very good protectors some people think there vicious but that depends on how the owner trains them Or treats them but overall pitbulls are really good dogs.

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